A digitally illustrated figure with glowing eyes and blood smeared around its mouth, set against a dark, eerie background.

Twisted50 Sinks Her Teeth In… And We Are Away!

We are just a couple of days into the launch of Twisted50 vol III and already we have fifteen dark and disturbed stories submitted, the authors now getting valuable feedback on their work.

We have authors as far flung as the USA and Australia, as well of course as the UK, submitting, so yeah, it’s truly global again.

Remember, you don’t need to write a story to offer feedback too, just sign up and dive in.

But… we do think you should write a story and submit it, even if horror isn’t strictly your thing.

Three writers offered their thoughts on why you should too. Lucy Hay, Christopher Stanley and Amy Livingstone all share their thoughts on the real and deeper value in getting involved in Twisted50.

This is not just a competition, it’s designed to elevate 50 new writers AND improve our collective craft, writing skills and marketing savvy. And we will be publishing the best fifty stories in a book, ready for Halloween for the book-launch and party.

OK… Sign up, get reading, get writing and enjoy the whole deliciously dark experience!

You can do all that HERE.

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