Twisted 50: Why The Little Voice In My Head STOPPED Me For Pursuing The Success I Wanted

A person sits in front of a laptop in a dark room with blue lighting, creating a moody and focused atmosphere.

I went to the premiere of 50 Kisses, and The Impact50, and I know how it felt to be in the audience. But it did hurt, knowing that I could have submitted something but I didn’t. Out of fear. Out of my own self limitations. Because of the little voice in my head that never had anything good to say about my writing.

I’ve been dominated by that voice all my life.

Regrettably, I didn’t submit to previous Twisted editions, or to other Create50 initiatives.

I’m not saying anything I wrote would have been good enough to make the final films or books, but that’s not the point. What I do know is that I missed the opportunity because I let my little voice get the better of me.

Writing isn’t easy and no-one is going to hand me my career on a plate. I have to grab my career with both hands and start embracing every possible chance that is available to me.

And so I have decided to no longer accept a life with regrets.

Twisted50 involves writing a 2000 word story, reading other stories, and being amongst a community of writers. Do you really want to pass that up?

Maybe you’re not a horror or short story writer, maybe that’s not your thing, so you think Twisted isn’t for you.

But I say, let you imagination run wild and create the scariest story you can think. I for one am not listening to my little voice anymore!

I hope to read your story soon, and to be afraid, to be very, very afraid.

Now… I need to get writing MY story!

Join and submit HERE.


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