What was YOUR childhood memory of horror?

A bald figure with pale blue skin, glowing yellow eyes, pointed ears, and sharp fangs stares ahead with an open mouth, against a dark background.

When I was a kid, there was a TV show called ‘Salem’s Lot’ that became a huge hit across the country, and within my group of friends too.

If you are of an age, you will recall this too I am sure.

I remember watching it, maybe every Friday night or possibly the three episodes over a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night. We’d all gather and sneak across the gardens behind our houses in the middle of the night to watch it in each other’s living rooms after our parents had gone to bed. It was definitely some questionable Gen X behaviour, but it’s a memory that has stuck with me vividly.

I recall sharing stories in the playground after Jaws had been on TV the night before, and of course back then, you had to watch it live. You couldn’t blink, you couldn’t go to the loo. You had to watch it live, otherwise you would miss it.


As homage to the great horror movie villains and monsters, the top shelf in my bedroom was crammed with all 12 models from the Aurora horror, glow-in-the-dark series that I meticulously built, painted and loved to bits.

Horror has left a strong impression on many people from my generation, whether it was Salem’s Lot, the BBC double bills on Saturday nights, Hammer House of Horror, Tales of the Unexpected or those glow in the dark models. And don’t even get me started on the horrifying public information films!

These memories are the inspiration and roots of Twisted50, and I’m excited that we can continue the great tradition of gothic horror in the UK.

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