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People standing at a firewalk

Firewalk for Charity and Create50

The London Screenwriters’ Festival has an advanced programmed called Talent Campus. Over the seven days, delegates are challenged to overcome fears in order to be the best versions of themselves. This includes a Firewalk on the second day, usually in the name of a charity. Watch the video above from the Firewalk, it’s CRAZY!

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Twister ghosts of christmas.

Listen to Evil Santa Read Twisted50 Ghosts of Christmas

  Join us at LIVE at 11pm for a very special one off, bedtime ghost story. You can watch here or on the Facebook group at But don’t watch alone… you may not sleep all night and you know you must, or Santa won’t be calling. Then again, maybe you don’t want Santa calling?

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Santa's bedtime book of adventure stories.

Have Yourself a Spooky Little Christmas

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…. well, maybe the month before. The LSF team had just finished work on Santa’s Bedtime Book of Adventure Stories and Santa was busy reading them nightly for all the little girls and boys. All was right with the world and all we had to do now was to relax and

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A man with a beard holding up a book.

Rejection and Redemption by Michael van Koetsveld

I have written literally hundreds of short pieces, to a one-day deadline, to a prompt. The prospect of getting a story done in ten days held no horrors for me.  At the beginning of lock down I joined a group of writers who did the daily tasks for 70 days in a row, completing over

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A clock in the desert with a dead tree in the background.

Impossible Deadlines Are My New Best Friend by Rose Banks

Time was never my friend. Any kind of deadline… it usually didn’t end well. Four, five month deadlines for anthologies and I crashed and burned. But there would be no dishonour in failing to meet a 10 day deadline. Because that’s obviously impossible, anyhow, right? So I opened up TextEdit—because unlike Word that meant I

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Twisted ghosts of christmas book cover.

Lopped, Chopped and Roasted by Fiona Faith Ross

Classic Horror fans may recall a moment in Bram Stoker’s DRACULA, when Van Helsing lops off vampire Lucy‘s head, CUTS TO him slicing a bloody joint of roast beef on a tavern table. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, starring Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder, it’s one of the best ever moments in movie horror that explores aspects

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The cover of twisted ghosts of christmas.

Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas Now Available in Paperback and eBook

Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas Now Avaialable in Paperback and eBook! Help us hit the Amazon Best Seller List. It feels like Groundhog Day, the horror movie! No sooner has our Santa’s Bedtime Book of Adventure Stories been published, but Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas is now available both as eBook and paperback… three days ahead of schedule! Open up this

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A man and a woman standing next to each other holding books.

Twisted50 Lost One Of It’s Vibrant Voices: A Tribute to Richie Brown

I just found out that Richie Brown, one of our writers from Create50, has sadly died. Richie was a prolific writer for Create50 and a huge supporter, both publically, and behind the scenes. A handful of writers really committed to elevating the whole Twisted50 experience for everyone, and Richie was one of them. During the

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The lamppost huggers and other wrecked tales cover art.

Lamppost hugging for beginners by Christopher Stanley

2018 seems a long time ago now, but I remember it ended on a high. Sure I’d seen the pictures of the red carpet events put on by Create50 but I never thought I’d attend one. Then I saw my name on the shortlist for The Singularity. Then I found out that my story, Hive Mind,

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Terror bites by mark walker.

From Twisted to Creepy in 12 months! by Mark Walker

It seems fitting, writing this post, that my FACEBOOK notifications should have spit out a year-old post reminding me that it has been just under 12 months since the TWISTED50 launch party and awards ceremony at the Cinema Museum in London. The reminder was for a change of profile cover picture to the Twisted50 Vol 2 Logo to celebrate winning a

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