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Twisted50 Vol 1

The cover of twisted volume one.

Twisted 50 Volume 1 review by The Book Lover’s Boudoir

‘Twisted contains some of the best examples of horror fiction I’ve read in years. I loved every story. Most story collections or anthologies have a few duds. Twisted is the exception. The stories are all fantastic and hugely enjoyable.’ FULL REVIEW HERE


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Twisted50 is like an atlas of all things grim and depraved By Mr. Lee Burgess on 10 October 2017With a mixed bag of stories, ranging from the festering to the downright deranged, you can take your pick of nastiness here. What makes this collection so appealing is the range of storytelling on offer. Twisted50 is like an atlas of all things grim and depraved. These are modern mini-classics , each with their own unique voice in a genre often saturated in copy-cat authors trying to cash in on the latest sick fad. None of that here. Buckle up, you’re in for a dark ride, and the headlights have just failed!
This is a very good selection of entertaining and spooky stories By Kathryn Hollingworth on 4 April  2017
This is a very good selection of entertaining and spooky stories. There are stories to suit a variety of tastes. It is a good read.
 A wonderful collection of chilling By Selina Trafford on 25 February 2017

A wonderful collection of chilling, gory, contemporary horror fiction.

Some will turn your stomach and some will chill your bones and others just freak you out. Well worth a read. I loved it x
Chillingly Good By Amazon Customer on 24 February 2017
Brilliant chilling compilation of short stories. Each just long enough to give one some shivers on a cold dark night or even during your lunch break. Several of them even made me jump at loud noises after reading.
This collection has stories that will shock you and if you’re like me re-reading some pages saying “That didn’t just happen
By Laura Furuta on 19 February 2017

Twisted 50: 50 Contemporary Shockers from the most terrifying new writers of horror…
By: Various Authors
5 out of 5 stars


The anthology Twisted 50: 50 Contemporary Shockers from the most terrifying new writers of horror…is aptly named and will cause shivers to run up and down your spine with each story you read. This collection has stories that will shock you and if you’re like me re-reading some pages saying “That didn’t just happen, did it?” Horror is a genre that I fell in love with in my teens and I am always looking for authors that I have not read before and this book has many to choose from. All of these authors have ways of writing that will delight anyone who loves reading scary stories. When I started reading this book I told myself that I would read a few and then pause. This didn’t happen as once I started in I couldn’t put them down. Of course, I would suggest reading with the lights on as you wouldn’t want anything sneaking up behind you or slithering out from under the bed. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a love of scary stories and are brave enough to enter worlds that are sometimes better left unknown. I received a copy of this anthology and voluntarily reviewed it.

Very good read. By Sue Wallace on 13 February 2017
Twisted by lucy v hay is a horror read.
50 stories from 50 disturbed voices of modern horror… Twisted 50 volume 1 is a deliciously dark slice of contemporary horror literature. Reading it is like attending a late night secret banquet where you know each course will serve up something unexpected, forbidden and unforgettably chilling. Take your private seat now for 50 luscious courses of terror, from 50 of the strongest voices in modern horror.
This was a really good read with good characters. Some stories were more enjoyable than others. Witches was my favourite story. 5*. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book from netgalley.
Brilliant, creative and dark By Miss Amy Downes on 7 January 2017
Brilliant, creative and dark, Twisted 50 makes for chilling reading. I often find it hard to make time for reading during the day but the short length of these stories makes them perfect for bedtime. The collection is refreshingly original and showcases a huge selection of fiction writers. From the quirky and supernatural to the sinister and disturbing, the stories are diverse and challenge more traditional approaches to horror writing. I was hooked throughout and I hope there will be more from this group. At £1.99, the collection is also great value for money!
Delightfully warped horror shorts By Rebecca Gransden on 2 January 2017
A strong collection of contemporary horror shorts. Some very mischievous contributions, most entertaining on the warped side. Fun and imaginative, the stories are varied and whatever your taste when it comes to horror there will be something included for you to enjoy. Brief, sharp tales delivered with a bloody wink.
Five Stars By jpr39 on 6 December 2016
Excellent book, I am really enjoying reading it.
Great bunch of sick stories By Amazon Customer on 23 November 2016



Great bunch of sick stories. Particularly like Shenanigans by Christopher Jeal. It’s like the the film “Nerve” if it had been done well.
Buffet of Bitesize Brilliance By Barney Bennett on 6 November 2016
Short, not so sweet, and straight to the point – quite literally in some cases. Fair enough, I didn’t like all of them, but the ones that shine are dazzling. A brilliant collection and hopefully there’s a Volume Two soon – I’m ready for it!
50 Nuggets of terror By bethj on 1 November 2016
What is great about this book is each story is a perfectly formed individual nugget of horror, just long enough to terrify you on your commute to work and make you look over your shoulder all the way to the office.
Fantastically disturbing bite-sized stories! By Amazon Customer on 31 October 2016
Fantastically disturbing bite-sized stories! Highly recommend this book if you love all types of horror – from the out-and-out terrifying to the psychologically unsettling.
Tales of the unexpected meets Black mirror
By miss on 29 October 2016
I’m a bit of a black mirror addict, and loved tales of the unexpected. So this was right up my street. I enjoyed (if that’s possible for a horror) all the stories, though some stuck with me more than others. But either way, there was always something new when I finished a chapter; a sadistic interviewer, a maggot with intent on world dominatin, an app that makes you do bad things, a psychotic cyclist (try saying that 5 times fast). I was never bored and always slightly scared to turn the page.
Perfect for short reads or an indulgent longer escapade By architectben on 28 October 2016
pint sized page turning snippets of gore and horror.
Perfect for short reads or an indulgent longer escapade.
Such a bargain for such quality horror! By Kim L. Wheeler on 28 October 2016
If you remember gathering with you mates in that dingy corner behind the back of the bike sheds at school to read the old horror anthologies and then being kept awake at night as you recalled the vivid images of melting eyeballs etc, and you loved it, then this is the book for you! Warped, disturbing and memorable, the fifty beautifully crafted horror stories written by fifty brilliant new authors are guaranteed to have you checking underneath the mattress before you turn out the light. Such a bargain for such quality. Congratulations to all concerned… And watch out for the next ‘sister’ book too, coming soon!
Horror fiction at its best By Pamela Scott on 28 October 2016
I thought Twisted was great. I’m a huge fan of horror fiction. I love stories that unsettle me and make my flesh crawl. I hate stories that use gore simply for shock value. Thankfully, no stories in Twisted fall into the latter category. There was some gore in the collection (with 50 stories that’s to be expected) but the gore was relevant to the story. Twisted contains some of the best examples of horror fiction I’ve read in years. I loved every story. Most story collections or anthologies have a few duds. Twisted is the exception. The stories are all fantastic and hugely enjoyable. I have a few persona favourites; Bite by Kendall Castor-Perry, doG Lived by Troll Dahl, Insects by Caroline Slocock, Itch by Karen Heard, A Curious Boy by Josh Saltzman and Killer Hells by Sasha Black. The best story in the collection is Do Blastocyts Dream of Foetal Sheep? By Alex Thompson. This story is a bit gory and so unsettling it made my flesh crawl. The story is narrated by a foetus that plots revenge when it’s mother tries a home abortion with a curved blade. Twisted is a fantastic collection of horror stories and a must for any fan of horror fiction. I’d highly recommend it.
Very twisted…in a good way By Susan Feehan on 27 October 2016
This is a fun idea with some great writing from exceptionally talented writers. Well timed stories for Halloween; they’re imaginative and, yes, pretty twisted. I’m a writer, although not in the horror genre, but I love reading stories that scare the crap out of me. These do the trick. I hope there’s another collection coming next year.
 Tales of the twisted… By JoanHarris on 27 October 2016
Great stuff: short, sweet and many with a sting in the tail. Perfect timing for release with Halloween just around the corner… Shenanigans and The Cyclist are definitely favorites so far, but all stories have something uniquely twisted to offer…
Five Stars By Amazon Customer on 27 October 2016
Great book! One of my top favourites in the book, Shenanigans!!
Who Dares Reads! By Mr G Bagwell on 26 October 2016
It’s only right I declare I have an interest in this book as one of the stories included is mine. And I’m proud to be in the company of such writing talent. I’ve read this book twice now and it still gives me the creeps. Read it then sleep with a light on!
This is a fantastic book of shorts By EmmaEmma3535 on 26 October 2016
Sick and twisted is right! This is a fantastic book of shorts. I challenge anyone to read it late at night, alone, with the lights out!
A batch of mini Black Mirror episodes – in words By Mr A on 26 October 2016
This anthology has fifty short horror stories written by fifty weirdos who have no connection to each other, apart from their mental state. The stories are around seven pages long or less, and vary in their degree of sick-and-twistedness on a scale from nausea to projectile vomiting. I believe there’s reasonable cause for the authorities to raid the homes of some contributors.
Twisted indeed! By Daniel John on 26 October 2016
Twisted indeed! A great collection and a must for any fan of the horror genre.
Buy it, read it, find it stops you sleeping…but also that you can’t stop reading. By Kim on 25 October 2016
Perfect for Halloween! Similar in type to all those horror anthology collections I read as a kid AND LOVED. So much to choose from, so much intelligent writing. All of it is award-winning. Scary, clever, beautiful. Perfect for this time of year. If you like Clive Barker’s Books of Blood, I think you’ll like this. Buy it, read it, find it stops you sleeping, but also that you can’t stop reading.
A great collection of short stories By Chas on 25 October 2016
A great collection of short stories, all for less than the price of a latte, with something for everyone. Some to be read once the kids are in bed, some to be read whilst travelling from a to b, some to be read between your busy social media life updates, and some to be read after a pleasant dinner of fava beans and a nice chianti. Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. They are all good, and a few, IMHO, will blow you away. One latte or a few hours of fright fest? No contest!
Five Stars By Southern View on 25 October 2016
A wide variety of genre interpretations in this collection from fable to modern technology terror. Gripping throughout!
Fantastic collection. By Mr. Alan Hudson on 25 October 2016
Fantastic collection. A must read for dark train journeys.
Aaarrrrgggghhhhh….! By sheekl on 25 October 2016
Scarily good!
Takes you to some very dark places By B D Marshall on 25 October 2016
Love the fact there is so much variety here. Each story with a unique take on how to shock.
Darkness abounds, and you’d better bring a torch! By Michael van Koetsveld on 25 October 2016
There are plenty of dark twists and turns in this collection of 50 Twisted horror stories. Delve into the minds of some seriously warped authors and don’t expect to finish the book without some lingering thoughts and dark secrets. If you’re looking for bite-sized horror, look no further… and this is just Volume 1!
A fantastic read, with something for everyone By Lewis Rice on 25 October 2016
A fantastic read, with something for everyone. Probably best to read a few stories a day rather than 1 a night (as I was doing), as I don’t think that I could handle 50 sleepless nights.
It’s also a bargain price at 4p a story. Where else could you be scarred for as little as that? Maybe on a budget airline.
Fabulous modern day take on ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ – every story offers something tasty to bite into. By Amazon Customer on 25 October 2016
Wow, I had the music of ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ […] running through my mind after reading this fabulous collection of twisted dark stories, every story offers something tasty to bite into. Highly recommended reading from a talented posse of twisted writers minds. Can’t wait for the next book(s) in the series.
Scared Witless!! By Les Grice on 25 October 2016
Buy it…if you dare!!!
A creative horror writing celebration at its finest By Amazon Customer on 25 October 2016
So many original and captivating stories I am struggling to find a favourite one among the 50 stories presented in this collection. Be ready to be surprised, disturbed, horrified, transported in these amazing 50 authors twisted minds. A celebration of free and creative talent at its finest! I am really looking forward to read more from these authors in the future.
Dark horror at its best By Phil on 24 October 2016
If you looking for quick multiple shocks of dark horror look no further. With 50 authors all with their own fantastic styles, you simply can’t go wrong. Great stories, expertly told.
50 gloriously disturbed horror stories. By Gordon Slack on 24 October 2016
A glorious 50 horror stories covering a wide range; haunting, disturbing, shocking and wicked. Immerse yourself in the disturbed minds of the 50 authors. A true delight.
I love this book By Catkin on 24 October 2016
I love this book. Many of the stories are based on original ideas, and some of them keep coming back to haunt me! Definitely recommended.
These are wonderfully diverse stories By Determined reader on 24 October 2016
These are wonderfully diverse stories. Some gory, some scary and some disturbing. recommended if you love horror or dark tales. Not surprised it is selling so well.
A great mix of truly twisted stories to suit all horror tastes By Mark Renshaw on 24 October 2016

A great mix of truly twisted stories to suit all horror tastes, from the psychological frighteners to the stomach churning gore fests. Each tale brings a modern spin on horror, each author leaves their own unique imprint in your mind. It’s hard to pick a favourite as there are so many great ones to choose from.


This book was perfect for reading on the train. The stories were just long enough for me to get engaged with but not so long that I’d miss my stop, or have to leave a story just at an exciting part. Highly recommended!

Twisted x 50 By Leo on 24 October 2016
An addictive set of contemporary shockers!
Great stuff! By Amazon Customer on 24 October 2016
This anthology is packed full of tasty bite-sized stories that are as satisfying as a beef burger washed down with a glass of Chianti. Each story costs 4 pence and gives the reader an opportunity to enter 50 disturbed minds. And, if a story doesn’t grab there’s another just waiting to capture your imagination and send a shiver down your spine. Great stuff!!
Stomach-churning and terrifying stories in bite-sized pieces By Canny Lass on 22 October 2016
A wonderful range of horror stories to suit all tastes – from the very dark and stomach-churning, to that which is terrifying and demands that you (or is it just me?) sleep with the light on. Whether a committed horror fan or someone who is discovering horror for the first time, this anthology has something for everyone.
 Five Stars By N A Yates on 22 October 2016
This book is sick!
A Top-Quality Collection of Superb Horror Shorts By Billy Bloodorange on 21 October 2016
There is a very high standard to this collection, and it contains some very dark stories. I read a lot of these anthologies and collections, and for me, Twisted Vol 1 stands out from the rest of the pack for its quality and range. Thoroughly recommended.
A mix of modern macabre that, in places… By C. Jones on 21 October 2016
A mix of modern macabre that, in places, is darker than most things I have read.
Horror at its weirdest By Mim on 24 February 2017
I was given an ARC of this. This is mostly a very good collection of short horror stories. Some very original, some not so much. The writing is sound with a few stories leaving you scratching your head and others leaving you in complete shock. I found some stories to be gory just for the sake of it but with little actual substance. For me it seemed that the book started strongly and then as I read on, the more enjoyable stories were fewer and farther in between. The absolute stand out for me was Five Days. Brilliant concept and perfectly executed.
I look forward to reading Volume 2.
Mixed bag of goodies By Keith on 14 February 2017
Mixed bag of goodies. As with all compilations, there will be some stories that are a complete waste of time and, true to form, this collection had its share of those – but they are fairly easy to spot so you won’t waste much time on them. Overall, a very enjoyable and mixed collection. Some are scary, some are stupid, and others are just great reads.
This short story collection provides a huge mix of themes within the horror genre By P. Mortimer on 1 February 2017

I was a huge horror fan from childhood to my early twenties, but rarely read horror these days. I thought this collection of short stories would be a great way to reintroduce myself to this genre. What I have discovered, is that I don’t think I’m that keen on short stories. They take me a while to get into, and just when I’m settling into the story it ends. However, this was still a very good collection of stories, many of which I enjoyed, and has introduced me to lots of new authors.


This collection provides a huge mix of themes within the horror genre, such as of bugs, creatures, sex, torture, murder, amazingly weird, thought provoking, shocking and sickeningly gruesome.


Here are my top 3 favourites:


Shenanigans, by Chris Jeal – An interesting idea about modern technology and the obsession with Apps, and what happens when things go too far. Loved the dark humour too.


Spellings, by K.J.B. Rickard – This was one of my favourites, and not just because it mentions my favourite author, Clive Barker. I loved the way it connected with me as a reader. This was the only story that made me feel a little scared. I was following the instructions, while at the same time a part of me was telling me not to.


The Beating of my Heart, by Rachael Howard – I found this unnerving and loved the last line!


Others I thoroughly enjoyed:


Beyond the Flesh, by Diana Read
The Audition Altar, by Leo X Robertson
Five Days, by Susan Mayer – I didn’t think I liked bug stories, but this one was intriguing.
The Sugarloaf and the Red Shoes, by Marie Gethins
Paper Cuts, by Kim Rickford
The Retribution of Elsie Buckle, by Lucy V. Hay
Full of Surprises, by Scott Merrow
The Spider Taketh Hold, by John Ashbrook – Another bug story that I did actually enjoy. Love a good revenge story.
Keeping A Head, by Jonah Jones – Very short, but shudder!
Meat, by Neil Bebber
Feedback, by Charles Maciejewski
What’s Yours is Mine, by Nick Yates
Fingers, by J.M. Hewitt
The Left is Sinister, by Thomas Cranham – I almost always wake up on my left side, eek!
Bloated, by Penegrin Shaw


Overall, an entertaining book, which I suspect will be very much enjoyed by horror fans, especially if you like short stories.


Really good collection of short stories By Simon on 31 January 2017
All 8 can say is wow. the sick and twisted people thought up these horrific stories are geniuses at bringing stories to life quickly as all the stories are short and scary or gory. there are a couple which I didn’t rate but you generally get that in most short story collections. I read the book in one go as the stories were short so I kept thinking one more will be fine. I enjoyed most of the stories and will be on the look out for other books by the authors.
Twisted Tales By shaun williams on 9 January 2017
Some excellent stories and well worth a read..authors here i had not heard of before’ but will now be researching their work..some of the stores here were very good – gory amd vengeful..whilst others were plain odd!! all in all though, a very purchase and value for money
Give it a go – an interesting mix By filmmaker on 30 November 2016
A decent set of short stories from new writers. Some are obviously better than others, but even if you are not keen on some, they are short enough to feel that you are not wasting your time. I feel it is allways good to support new talent out there. Go on give it a go.

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… down a pitch-black alley when you know it’s the stupidest thing you’ll ever do By Amazon Customer on October 31, 2016

If you’ve ever continued walking down a pitch-black alley when you know it’s the stupidest thing you’ll ever do … if you’ve pressed “PLAY” and watched a gore-fest you know you’ll regret… if you scare yourself pee-less repeatedly with your own imagination when you’re home alone… and you savor every skin-crawling second of it because, hell, you’re just made that way… then Twisted 50 is your read.


I recommend putting a little arsenic frosting on this treat by getting it now and reading it during the darkest months of the year.

Horror of the highest order By BondJamesBond on October 24, 2016
A wonderful collection of short stories. I devoured these bite sized horror tales in quick time! The writing is varied and original and all of them live up to the title. Twisted indeed!
Some excellent writing — every story is compact By SpiderPie on October 24, 2016
A lot of creepy stories here. Some excellent writing — every story is compact, easy to read, and very chilling. A treasure trove for true horror story fans.
Scary short stories for everyone! By Amazon Customer on October 24, 2016
Just in time for Halloween! It’s a must read if you enjoy a creepy collection of short horror and suspense. I won’t name my favorite stories from the book, as we all have different tastes. I will say that there is something for everyone here. A great read, especially for the price.
Horror of the highest order By BondJamesBond on October 24, 2016
A wonderful collection of short stories. I devoured these bite sized horror tales in quick time! The writing is varied and original and all of them live up to the title. Twisted indeed!

Ghosts of Christmas

The cover of twisted ghosts of christmas.

Amazon Reviews // UK store reviews HERE.

Bite-sized seasonal horror By London Reader on 15 December 2020
Found it hard to stop reading this: ‘I’ll just read one more’… until I realised I was halfway through the book! Plenty of ghost stories, but there are psychopaths and all manner of creepy creatures here, too. In addition, while many of the stories are full-on gruesome, there’s also quite a bit of macabre comedy.
Dark and Funny by Amazon Customer on 18 December 2020
Fantastic little book of short grim tales. I don’t have time to get through a full book over Xmas so perfect to have a selection of stories I can get to as time allows. I like my horror with a large infusion of dark humour so I really enjoyed “Revenge is a dish best served with stuffing”.
Serves up a delicious slice of festive frights

By Sartori on 15 December 2020

This is a top-notch selection of disturbing, unsettling and downright twisted tales with a seasonal theme. There’s something for all horror fans here. From traditional, old school spooky ghost stories, to more strange, weird, and contemporary terrors. Evil, dread and nastiness lurks throughout its pages, which contains 40 or so tales. The writing throughout is of a consistently good standard. Some will make you shudder and squirm, while others are shot through with deliciously black humour. They will grab the reader with intriguing hooks, and almost all them provide satisfying or unexpected endings. It’s nicely designed throughout and the paperback version has a really nice heft to it.
Great for spooky festive breaks

By Suz Hodgson on 17 December 2020

I was recommended this book by a friend – and I don’t usually read complications but I’m so glad I made the purchase. It’s great to pick up during the day when I’m on a break and each story is just the right length for me to drink a cuppa and delve in. I like that all the writers have different styles. Although I have to admit I am making excuses to have more breaks than usual! I love the festive feel of it – and as I am reading each story I feel on the edge of my seat waiting for something grim to happen. I haven’t finished the whole book yet but it’s five stars so far 🙂

Christmas Doesn’t Always Dispel The Dark

By F. F. Ross on 17 December 2020

It’s hard to be original with ghost stories these days, but this collection of 40 or so stories by contemporary writers refreshingly blends Christmas cheer with horror undertones. An impressive range of topics set in a holiday theme, varied points of view, and a wide selection of imagined characters and themes soaked in atmosphere, kept me entertained. These are mostly contemporary ghosts, with a couple of classics at the end. Ideal reading for ghost and horror fans, when you have half an hour to spare, to pick up and put down. Fantastic cover, nice presentation and page design and I particularly liked the introductions to each section by the Twisted50 founder. A quality publication.

A Twisted Entertaining Read By M.W. Renshaw on 16 December 2020

I’m a big fan of short stories, especially horror, and this did not disappoint my twisted taste buds. Short and horrifyingly sweet, each Christmas themed tale of terror was a delight to read. My favourites were Power Cut, Isabella and Awake, but I enjoyed them all. Highly recommended.

A Chilling Collection of Creepy Christmas Stories By The Queen of Darkness on 14 December 2020
I just loved this anthology. There is something for everyone in this book. From ghosts to monsters to psychopaths. I especially enjoyed the turkey one by Chris Jeal, I laughed so much! Isabella by Mark Walker, so eerie. And Lawrence Morgan’s one about Van Gogh’s ear, such a great concept. There are many others that I also loved, but honestly, all of these stories are creepy and fun to read. Bite-sized tales of terror to enjoy reading in front of the fire with a glass of wine and a mince pie. 🙂
Whatever you thought about Christmas… rethink it! By Michael van Koetsveld on 15 December 2020
Have you ever wondered what actually happens to children if they are awake when Santa delivers his presents, and why he has a red suit? How long would you last if it was Christmas every day? Have you ever had a Christmas song lodge itself into your brain and just repeat, over and over? Do you have the heart to deny a young girl her dream of a special doll? All these questions and others are answered in spine-tingling ways in this intriguing collection of new tales in the vein of Christmas… or is that the heart? Highly recommended.
Oooh, take a walk on the dark side By Bex on 14 December 2020
What a wonderfully twisted anthology. The revenge of reindeers, a very hungry Staffie or a sickening Elf handbook. It’s all here! Take in the ‘delights’ of a family Christmas or visit the darker side of Santa, I’m thoroughly enjoying ditching the Christmas sweetness and embracing the dark side.

Twisted50 Vol 2

The cover of twisted volume two.

Amazon Reviews // UK store reviews HERE.

A bunch of talented people! By Maryna Gaidar on 9 January 2019
This is one of the best horror compilations I’ve ever read! I’m happy to be a part of this project and honoured to be among these amazingly talented writers! I found some of the stories very traumatic, so thank you guys for this couple of sleepless nights!
Great read! By Natasha Osborne on 10 December 2018

Really great read.. distant percussion was my favourite! Really recommend

Want visceral horror? Try this. By 100wordreviewer on 9 December 2018
I downloaded this “forbidden feast of 50 courses” yesterday and have already enjoyed the gruesome “Ingrowing” by Andrew Perry – a splendid visceral feast of stomach-turning horror – and the opening “The Rookery” by Nick Yates. Splendid stuff – worth a look for any fan of the macabre.
An unashamedly biased review of awesome horror!!! By Amazon Customer on 1 December 2018
I’m one of the writers in Twisted50 I and II, so I’m not impartial, but this is a great anthology. The stories are all unnerving and the writing itself from all authors is a high standard, due to the process of putting this together.
These stories are perfect for a read on a commute, or late at night if you fancy a bite-sized slice of horror before bed!
A modern day Creepshow!
50 tales of terror! By MW on 24 November 2018
From ghost and ghoulies to monsters and madness, Twisted 50 volume 2 has something for everyone. You may not like every story as the style and content varies wildly, but this is part of its strength and, with every story under 2,000 words, it doesn’t matter – the range of ideas, imagination and inventiveness will keep you interested all the way through. A rip-roaring, eclectic collection of terror!
Snackable horror By T. Guest on 23 November 2018
 This is a great collection if you want short bursts of horror – it’s a good selection of scares and gut-churning stuff. Not for the faint of heart!
Varied voices and horror perspectives By M Thomas on 22 November 2018
50 writers with varying voices and horror perspectives have come together in this second Twisted50 installment. The result is a distinctive mix of stories that will make your toes curl, your goosebumps prickle and the hairs on the back of your neck…. Stories that arouse feelings of revulsion and fear, of impending doom, and which will stay with you long after the reading. Good for those familiar with horror but also those who want to test its uncanny and nightmarish waters.
Little Bites of Horror That Bite Back!  By She Who Hangs Out In Cemeteries on 19 November 2018
What a great mix of horrifying short stories. Killers, killer minibeasts and monsters – there are so many fab stories in this anthology. Read it alone, read it at night, read it and give yourself a fright!
Seriously twisted By Big reader on 21 November 2018
Some of these stories are sheer darkness in written form. There is a real power to shock here, as much as any horror film could. Many of these tales will stay with you long after you put the book down.
It’s been a long wait… By Johnny Tragopan on 21 November 2018

It’s been two years since ‘Twisted 50 volume 1’ but now I have my hands on the second instalment. And it’s as good (if not better) than the original. 50 short horror stories, largely set in the world of today, and covering a good range of the horror spectrum. There’s straightforward horror, creature horror, creepy urban horror (the best of which is ‘Ice Cream Van’ by Jessica Brown), comic horror (such as the superlative ‘Killer Evening’ by Chris Jeal; also ‘Dead Comedians’ by Simon Cluett); supernatural horror; and some stories that illustrate the best use of horror – ‘Caring for Mother’ by Karen Davison and ‘Market Research’ by Richie Brown – because they show us the skull beneath the skin. And there are stories I can’t categorise, but which are good horror tales anyway.

It is a collection, and as no collection is ever 100% ‘on’ there are some stories I don’t like (especially the stories that aren’t really stories) but there aren’t so many that I cannot award this great little book anything less than five stars.

I hope it’s not two years until Volume 3…

Short horror By Mr J A Rae on 21 November 2018

Twisted 50 is an aptly titled collection of stories that encompass the darker parts of the human condition. The tales are well written giving the reader a good dose of horror. Read only if you have a strong stomach.

Their best book so far. By Anom on 19 November 2018
Having read and enjoyed Create 50’s first two books I felt obliged to purchase the third. Whilst waiting for my book to arrive I was able to take a sneek peak at the first four stories and was not disapointed, although grossed out a little, I think that I may have to read the remaining stories on an empty stomach when it arrives.
50 tales of terror! By MW on 24 November 2018
From ghost and ghoulies to monsters and madness, Twisted 50 volume 2 has something for everyone. You may not like every story as the style and content varies wildly, but this is part of its strength and, with every story under 2,000 words, it doesn’t matter – the range of ideas, imagination and inventiveness will keep you interested all the way through. A rip-roaring, eclectic collection of terror!
Great Horrror Variety By Gordon Slack on 20 November 2018
50 more horror stories varying from shocking, disturbing, disgusting, creepy to the plain bizarre. An excellent read maintaining the standard from Twisted 50 Volume 1.

Twisted50 Vol 1 Audiobook

The twister dvd set with six discs.
Audible Reviews

“Wowee what a delight” By J’annine Matthews

This book is great, but the stories are sometimes too short as you want to know what happens next!
The stories are a great mixture that sometimes make you gringe and them sometimes make you laugh.



“Diverse horror stories, beautifully read…” By Billy Bloodorange

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?
Definitely, because the collection has something for everyone, even if they’re not a horror fan.


What was one of the most memorable moments of Twisted 50?
‘Gooseberry Pie’ – when we realise what dear old Edna is up to. ‘The Cyclist’ – when we realise he’s not. ‘Shenanigans’ – when the prey gets tech-savvy. (And the intro/outro music for each story – very effective.)


What about full cast’s performance did you like?
The range of different voices. Some performances are a bit ‘off’, but only a few. A very high standard overall.


Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?
Made me think, made me shudder, made me want to listen on.


Any additional comments?
Excellent value for money and one that I will listen to again.



 “Perfectly deranged in every way” By Amazon Customer

What did you like most about Twisted 50?

Seeing into the minds of 50 brilliant writers

Who was your favorite character and why?

Simon in ‘Beyond the Flesh’ by Diana Read. He has OCD and counts everything from seconds to heartbeats. What makes him so scary is that he is dull, unadventurous, ordinary. Of course, he is anything but.

Which scene did you most enjoy?

Enjoy? My heart raced during the scene when the circular saw cuts through the breastbone. I’m still trying to erase the image from my mind.


If you made a film of this book, what would be the tag line be?

Twisted 50 …beyond your worst imaginings


Any additional comments?

Each story is a good, bite-sized chunk but, as with Chinese food, you’ll keep wanting to come back for more.

What made the experience of listening to Twisted 50 the most enjoyable?

I’m extremely impressed with the wide range and quality of both the narrators and the stories.


What did you like best about this story?

I thoroughly enjoyed the invention in these stories. Many are written by unknown authors, and it proves there’s a lot of talent out there.


Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

It made me itch with dread, which is exactly as it should have.


Any additional comments?

Genuine quality. Some stories I preferred to others, but overall the bar is very high. Looking forward to reading more work from this talented group.


Other Reviews

Excellent. By Nick Yates

A completely different experience to reading the book. You are getting double the value in each story, with the author’s words interpreted by a professional voice artist. This is perfect for a long car or train journey and will have you gripped and just a little scared.

Twisted’s Evil Little Sister

Evil little sister book cover.

Amazon Reviews // UK store reviews HERE.

Five Stars  on 21 December 2016
Great book!!
Five Stars  on 23 November 2016
Great little stories by a bunch of sick minded scribes. Enjoyed.
Seeing Red…  on 22 Nov. 2016
A look at the dark side of peoples nature
Filmic and disturbing  on 21 Nov. 2016
Having read Twisted 50, I thought i’d give this a go and wasn’t disappointed. I love all things horror or tales of the unexpected and this delivered on both. I especially loved which felt almost filmic in it’s writing, as did Pig by Chris Jeal, which left horrible scenes scarred on my mind. It’s hard to capture scenes so vividly in so few words and many of the tales here did just that.
Five Stars  on 21 Nov. 2016
Bite-sized chills – perfect complete stories just before bedtime, if you dare…
Psychotic Tendencies? Deeply deranged? Then you’re welcome here.  on 21 Nov. 2016
There’s a story for every type of twisted evil you can imagine and many you hadn’t even dared to. You’ll be scared by this book long after you’ve finish reading it, so don’t say you haven’t been warned…
Couldn’t leave a story unfinished  on 21 Nov. 2016
I was very pleasantly surprised at how absorbing every one of the stories were.
Highly recommended!
Sometimes, you need to give Karma a shove   on 21 Nov. 2016
I am one of the 33 disturbed writers that have contributed to this evil little sister. ‘Killing Her Little Darling’ came to me almost fully formed at about 4:30 in the morning. I had had a bad night’s sleep after a particularly unpleasant experience and ‘Killing Her Little Darling’ is my revenge. My sweet, bitter, twisted revenge.
A fabulously twisted anthology of bite-sized disturbing tales to add to the collection  on 21 Nov. 2016
Loved reading this dark anthology of fabulously twisted, bite-sized disturbing tales to add to the collection. With a great mix of styles, each contribution has it’s own individual taste. There’s something for everyone in this cornucopia of evil little surprises with a juicy sting in the tail of many.
But it is still a great book containing great stories  on 20 Nov. 2016
First off, I must confess to having a story in this anthology. But it is still a great book containing great stories. Ever since the demise of the Pan Books of Horror, horror anthologies have tended to be a bit hit and miss. I am proud to have a story in a book which deserves to be a hit.
Something exhilirating, dreadful, unexpected and absorbing to tickle your horror fancy…  on 20 Nov. 2016
This second anthology from Twisted50 again showcases more wonderful writing from different writers. The range of stories – style, subject matter and tone – is excellent; there are ‘tales of the unexpected’ moments; moments which pack an emotional punch; horror presented as something personal; there are stomach-churning moments and moments of dread. And so it goes on… In a busy world, these stories provide a quick ‘reading fix’. You’ll find, with the range of stories, there is something exhilarating, dreadful, unexpected and absorbing to tickle your horror fancy.
Be prepared to be scared!  on 20 Nov. 2016
What a delicious collection of 33 tales to have you checking under the bed before you turn out the light. How wonderful to have so many diverse new voices with a passion for making the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention. Deep, dark and deranged, this book delivers. Well done Create50 and all involved for another crackingly disturbing anthology! (Please note – Ever so slightly biased, as one of my stories appears in this!) P.S. Check out Book 1 too – Twisted 50 – Fifty tales from the best new writers in horror.
Perfect nighttime reading for those who love horrid dreams.  on 20 Nov. 2016
A great collection of short and sickeningly sweet horror stories. Reading these stories is a horror tale in it’s self. At times you’ll feel sick, repulsed scared and relieved, before the cycle kicks in again.
I’ve Got Chills…  on 20 Nov. 2016
Horror stories are like a rollercoaster, you read them to be scared, you read them for the buzz, the adrenaline rush, and boy does this book deliver!
Several different styles, at least one of them is going to give you the heebeegeebees and stop you from sleeping tonight. Blame the writers!
Rosary-clutching-Salem’s Lot kind of frights…  on 20 Nov. 2016
I thought this was terrifying and also profoundly disturbing, and I’m assuming that’s what the writers intended and the readers want. There were times when I felt a very visceral fear close its toothed jaw over me… This collection, varied and distinctive, had the same effect on me as when I was 12 and first read Salem’s Lot. Even though it was bright day I ran upstairs and grabbed my rosary left over from my First Communion and did not let it go for 24 hours… That should give you some sense of the cumulative effect of Evil Little Sister.
Read it With the Lights On  on 20 November 2016
The strength of Twisted’s Evil Little Sister (and its big sis, Twisted) is the diversity of voices. All 33 stories may not strike a chord with you, but I guarantee at least one will grab your spine, at least one will make you turn on the lights, and at least one will sneak into your thoughts as your close your eyes for sleep. If you like horror, you’ll love this book. If you enjoy good writing, likewise.
Five Stars  on 20 November 2016
A great and varied read of horribless. Highly reccommended.
Particularly love the work of Chris Jeal  on 18 November 2016
It’s a bit of a demented read, certainly on par with Twisted 50 – perhaps slightly more psychologically unhinged this time. Particularly love the work of Chris Jeal. Disturbed mind indeed.
Not bad and better than Book 1 on 25 February 2017
Found that I enjoyed these stories much more than those in the first book. Some really short ones (1 page) but most are a decent 10 pages or so and some are particularly creepy. As usual, they are a mixed bunch to cater for many tastes and there was only one which I didn’t bother with.
Twisted 2  on 12 January 2017
I found this addition to the twisted tales series much more entertaining and enthralling than the original twisted collaboration of stories…much more sinister and thought-provoking plots and characters. not extreme or scary enough for me to b honest? But nevertheless a good read!

Amazon US Store Reviews.

 on January 15, 2017
A compliation of short story thrillers, something for everyone.