Twisted ghosts of christmas book cover.

Meet the Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas Authors

Get to know the 25 disturbed souls who brought you the Twisted Christmas Book. They are…

Meet The Twisted Team

A man standing in front of a screen.

Chris Jones // Create50 Founder

Filmmaker, author, screenwriter and founder of Create50, The London Screenwriters’ Festival and TEDxEaling.

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A girl in a tan dress standing on a tree stump.

Savannah Morgan // Twisted50Xmas Producer

Savannah once had to clean a pitch black water holding tank complete with overgrown roots the day after watching The Ring – if that doesn’t prepare you for Twisted, what will? She’s also an avid writer and slave to her two rescued cats.

A cartoon of a woman in a red fur coat.

Elinor Perry-Smith // Twisted50 Producer

I am a writer, proofreader and noveliser living and working in SE London. I work for new listings magazine with a special interest in films and plays.
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A woman wearing a black dress.

Emma Pullar // Twisted50Xmas Team

Emma is an award-winning and bestselling writer of dark fiction, one of her short stories was included in Twisted50 volume 2.
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A man with a beard and a red jacket.

Mark Walker // Twisted50Xmas Team

As a responsible parent, Mark likes to encourage his daughters to watch his favourite horror films to varying degrees of success! One of his short stories was included in Twisted50 volume 2.

Full bio HERE.

A young woman smiling in front of a tree.

McKayla Cox // Twisted50Xmas Book Produciton

Film and theatre student on gap, actor/singer/artist hopping between Los Angeles and Pittsburgh (during non-COVID times, of course!)

A portrait of an older woman with white hair.

Helen Lloyd // Twisted50 Vol.1 Audiobook Producer

Actor, Producer, Narrator, Voice Actor

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