Twisted50 vol III

Join us as we conclude the trilogy of terror, in this, the final chapter!

Twisted50 is A collection of 50 tales of wickedness, evil and the paranormal for the most terrifying minds in contemporary horror fiction...​

Book cover for "Twisted Volume III: The Final Chapter," depicting a woman in a bloodstained wedding dress and veil with horror-themed makeup, against a background with blood splatters.

Twisted 50 volume 3 submissions close in...


Submissions open July 1st. GET WRITING!

Can you write a short Twisted tale in 2,000 words or less?

Submit yours, get feedback, redraft and the 50 best stories will be published in both paperback and online.


If Hammer House of Horror, Tales of the Unexpected and Pans Books of Horror set your pulse racing and mind spinning as a youngster, then writing a short story for ‘Twisted’ offers the darkest recesses of your mind, a deliciously macabre feast in which to express itself. You know you shouldn’t let it out, but you know you want to.


Interested…? Let’s dig a little deeper into this paranormal, wicked and dank shallow grave…

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A silhouetted figure stands in a doorway emitting bright light at the top of a staircase in a dark, blue-toned environment.

We want you to get under our skin, to pull everything we loved about those books and TV shows, writhing, screeching and gnarling into the 21st century.

Together we will create a modern masterpiece of horror, inspired by what terrified us all as kids. Think ‘Pulp Fiction’, only for horror literature.


There is no minimum word count, so if you can disturb us in fewer words, perhaps even 50 words, then DO IT.


We urge you to experiment and connect with your dark side and to write what scares or maybe even excites you…


The 50 winning writers, along with the whole community, friends and family, will be invited to the book launch where we will present awards and prizes for outstanding work.

Winners For Best Writing Will Include

Winners will be announced  at the gala book launch in London. We will be platforming…

  • Best Story (1st place)
  • Best Story (2nd place)
  • Best Story (3rd place)
  • Most Terrifying Tale
  • Most Haunting Story
  • Best Character
  • Best Death
  • Most Original Writing
A lone figure walks towards an eerie, Victorian-style house under a blood-red sky, surrounded by dark, foreboding trees.

We will help you GROW

Twisted is not just competition, it’s a creative community and self driven writing school. 


You will be asked to feedback on other manuscripts submitted by other writers and creatives and you will also receive feedback on your work too. Unlike any other initiative, you can then redraft and resubmit based on the notes you get. This is the Create50 model. We achieved outstanding results from our 50 Kisses and Impact50 film initiatives and we believe this process makes us better writers – the writing, the feedback and the rewriting.


‘Twisted volume 1′, ‘Twisted volume 2’ and ‘The Ghosts Of Christmas Past’ combined had over 1,000 stories submitted, and the feedback from the whole process was outstanding with writers really appreciating giving and getting feedback, then having the chance to redraft their work.


Movie Rights? We have already considered the possibility of moving the paperback of ‘Twisted’ into a Create50 screenplay and feature film initiative. We cannot make a decision until we have assessed the completed work to see if it is suitable for feature film production. There are many factors to consider, none of which relate to the story content, more production viability on reduced budgets. We have high hopes.

A painting of a distressed figure with an open mouth, white-painted face, and dark features, set against a blue, abstract background.


Once the paperback book is in print, there will be a launch party in London where a selection of the winning stories will be read by renowned actors.


The book will also feature an introduction by a renowned and successful writer in the horror and paranormal field.


You will rub shoulders with other authors some at the start of the journey, others veterans and a few world-renowned names to give out the prizes. This will give you the opportunity to network with publishers, agents and other extraordinary creatives. It will be an extraordinary experience for everyone involved.

A graphic depiction of a woman with a bloodied face surrounded by several zombie-like figures, all set against a blood red background.

Notes for Writers

Don’t get lost in the woods waiting for the BEST story… start writing now. Writers write.


  • Think about your prose, it is YOUR personal style, and it can make all the difference between your story being outstanding or boring.
  • Do feel free to redraft, rewrite and polish after you receive feedback from your peers. But remember you can only re-submit once, so make sure that final daft is terrifyingly Twisted.
  • Please give your story and original title, do not call it ‘Twisted’.
  • Be prepared to engage with the community in a positive and constructive manner. Expect to receive some feedback, some of which you may not like, but remember this is a critical part of the process and will be a constant throughout your writing career.
  • Submit at least two stories. The one you think is a great spooky tale, and the one that scares you to write.
  • Don’t feel obligated to have a big story arc, we are interested in all kinds of stories, just make it chilling.
  • The world should be ‘today’, so no Victorian Gothic stories or Sci-Fi creatures in space please. Your ghosts, creatures and monsters need to exist in our world and environment.
  • Stories must NOT exceed 2,000 words.
  • There is no minimum word count.
  • Anyone can enter from all around the world, though stories must be submitted in English.
  • You can submit as many stories as you wish. The submission fee is per story, you pay this ONCE only, per story.
  • Previous volumes of Twisted50 are available on Amazon HERE, take a peek and read the stories that previously got through – this will guide you.
A skeletal hand with visible tendons writes with a red pencil on paper, surrounded by a vibrant red background.

About The Rights You Will Give Us

If your story is selected in the final fifty, you will be expected to sign an agreement that gives us the right to publish your work.

This will be an industry standard agreement. You will retain copyright in your idea should you wish to expand it or develop it for another platform. We only need the rights to publish in a book.

What do you need to do?

Make sure you have read the rules. Write your story or create your work and submit it. Then read other work from the community and offer feedback, then get some feedback on your work and rework and resubmit if you wish.

This is YOUR creation and YOUR career that you are advancing.

And if you want to submit more than one story go ahead. Just remember – we are seeking outstanding work, there’s no prize for volume of work.

An abstract painting depicts a person in dark clothing standing in front of a dilapidated house with a somber atmosphere. The figure is surrounded by dark, moody colors and dense brushstrokes.


Please read the whole of this document including the guidelines for submission.

  1. You can enter an unlimited amount of stories.
  2. The submission fee is £15 per story.
  3. You can re-draft once per story, this is included in the fee.
  4. Be prepared to engage with the community in a positive and constructive manner. Expect to receive some feedback, some of which you may not like. Anyone found to be abusive or offensive to other writers will be removed without refund.
  5. Anyone can enter, from any country, though stories must be written in English.
  6. Stories must not exceed 2,000 words with no exceptions. There is no minimum word count.
  7. All stories must include a title page with the name of the story and author. Please do not add your contact details on this page.
  8. All stories must be submitted in the following format: 12-point Times New Roman, and double space text.
  9. All stories must be submitted in Microsoft Word or basic RTF format (Rich Text Format) or PDF format. No other word processor files will be accepted. Note that most word processors will allow you to save your file in Rich Text Format if you do not have MS Word or cannot convert to PDF.
  10. Please name your file with the title, draft number and your name – example Horror-House-Draft-1-By-Hatchet-Jones.doc or Horror-House-FinalDraft-By-Hatchet-Jones.rtf
  11. For each story you submit you MUST read and feedback on three other stories.
  12. You can submit under a pen name only if you have indicated you have a pen name on your profile page.  Please create your profile page in your real name and also add your ‘pen name’ details.
  13. All profile pages must be created in your real name and must include a real headshot (no avatars, AI, funny pictures or anything that isn’t a genuine headshot)
  14. No story title changes will be permitted once a story has been submitted into the system.
  15. The deadline for submissions is late summer early Autumn 2024 (DateTBC).
  16. Once the finalists are announced they may be invited to submit further drafts and a polish based on industry feedback.
  17. If your story is selected as a finalist you will be expected to assign non exclusive rights to us so that we can publish the book. If you do not assign these rights, your story will not be part of the final book.
  18. Judging is final.
  19. We may choose to select fewer than 50 stories for the final book. 
  20. The star rating is not part of the judging, we use it as a guide only.
  21. All stories will be read and rated by our team.
  22. You MUST be the author of the story. All stories must be original works.
  23. Once you have submitted a story you cannot delete or withdraw it under any circumstance. This is to reflect the work other writers put into offering feedback on your story.
  24. We reserve the right to disqualify any writer from this process at any stage if they are in violation of these rules and guidelines.
  25. These rules will be updated and amended as the project evolves. We do this so we can remain flexible to take advantage of the best opportunities the project offers.
  26. No story submitted to a previous Create50 project, including previous Twisted 50 volumes may be re-submitted to Twisted 50 volume 3.

What people said about past Create50 projects

‘50 Kisses’ opened the doors for my first time exhibiting a film in a festival, the first time going through an entire creative process, the first time people looking at me like I could really be a filmmaker. But more than this, showed me what we can achieve if we join forces and work toward our goals.
Carolina Rodrigues, Filmmaker (Brazil)

‘50 Kisses’ has shown that collaboration on a global scale is possible and it can yield beautiful and cohesive results. It pushed us all to deliver to a very high standard and then to give ourselves up to unpredictable, exciting and possibly brilliant interpretations of our work. Witnessing so many different interpretations of my script, being part of such a large project and collaborating with people from all over the world was extraordinarily rewarding.
Nigel KariKari, Screenwriter (Australia)

‘It has been amazing to be part of something so global. As a result of ‘50 Kisses’ I have met and collaborated with filmmakers, screenwriters, producers and agents from around the globe.’

Jo Buckman, Screenwriter (America)

‘After being selected as one of the final 50 scripts I was contacted by producers, agents, directors and became friends with plenty of my fellow 50 kisses writers/directors. One of those producers was ‘50 Kisses’ director Stare Yildirim who I ended up writing a TV Pilot for, for Turkish TV. This was my first ever paid writing gig and it came out of the exposure my 50 Kisses script got. Between the paid writing gig and the huge 50 Kisses world premiere I got to take a peek at my future. Loved what I saw and want more.’

Stephen Cooper, Screenwriter (UK)

‘After I put my film entry up on the ‘50 Kisses’ website I got all this wonderful and constructive feedback from other ‘50 Kisses’ filmmakers and I could then re-edit and improve the film before the deadlines closed. Over the 2 years of the project I have met so many other filmmakers, actors and writers in the 50K community and it’s spun off into so many other projects.’

Phil Peel, Filmmaker (UK)

‘The breadth of opportunities available are vast if you’re willing to accept the challenge. I was part of a team distributing ’50 Kisses’ commercially which, as a writer, was invaluable in understanding audience, the importance of concept and how a film is marketed. It will certainly effect how I view my own writing projects going forward.

Tracey Flynn, Screenwriter, ‘50 Kisses’ (UK)

‘I take my hat off to Chris, Judy and their hardworking team. What they achieved on a shoestring is incredible – give them a little bit of funding, help and support and they’d blow our minds!’

Mark Pallis, Screenwriter, ’50 Kisses’

Close-up of a person's face illuminated in red. The individual has wide eyes and an open mouth, appearing distressed. The background and facial features are painted in a bold, expressive style.

What to do next...?

Get writing YOUR Twisted tale…

Create a profile if you have not already TBC
Read some stories and offer feedback TBC
Submit your story TBC

Painting of three hooded figures in shades of blue with indistinguishable faces, set against an abstract blue background.

Twisted50 III Industry Judges

A middle-aged man with glasses and a beard, wearing a striped shirt, smiles at the camera against a plain background.

Julian Friedmann // Literary Agent

Julian represents book and script writers across a broad range of subjects and formats. He set up a literary agency in 1976, later merging with Carole Blake to establish Blake Friedmann who now rep over 200 authors via eight agents. Their offices are based in London.

Person holding up a large animal skull with antlers, partially obscuring their face, in an outdoor woodland setting.

Lizzie Fry // Horror Author

Lizzie Fry is the author of fantasy thriller The Coven, a breakout hit in 2021. It was translated into six languages and reviewed in The Sun, Heat, The Independent and Woman & Home as well as countless other national print media. Lizzie’s is the pseudonym of script editor and blogger Lucy V Hay,  at

Black-and-white photo of a man with white hair and a beard, wearing a dark jacket, standing outdoors with greenery in the background.

Paul Finch // Author

Former cop and journalist, Paul has written for prime time British TV and authored a number of horror and crime novels. His latest horror/crime novel is ‘Dead Man Walking’. Paul is the winner of the British Fantasy Awards 2002 and 2007, and the winner of the International Horror Guild Award 2007

Peter James in a suit and glasses sits by the sea, holding a pen and an open book, smiling at the camera.

Peter James // Thriller writer

Peter James is one of the UK’s most treasured crime and thriller novelists. His Roy Grace detective novels have sold over 18 million copies worldwide in total. The series is now translated into 37 languages. He is also an accomplished film producer. And now a Judge on Twisted50 volume 3!

A person is depicted screaming with their face tilted upwards, surrounded by intense red and white light bursts. The scene conveys a dramatic and intense emotion.

Previous Create50 Projects

The Impact 50 // Feature Film

An asteroid is discovered hurtling toward earth, with only hours before impact. And it’s so big it’s a planet killer. ‘The Impact:50’ is a crowd created feature length film and screenwriting initiative that explores the question… ‘As we face death as a species, who do we become in our final two hours of life?’ Can you write a two page script about what would happen in these final two hours? Can you make a script into a short film? Get involved…

Movie poster for "Impact 50" featuring a silhouette of a person standing against a starry sky with a comet, surrounded by names of writers and filmmakers. The tagline reads: "50 writers. 50 filmmakers. One picture.

Twisted50 // Books

Twisted50 is a collection of 50 tales of wickedness, evil and the paranormal. If Hammer House of Horror, Tales of the Unexpected and Pans Books of Horror set your pulse racing and mind spinning as a youngster, then writing a short story for ‘Twisted’ offers a deliciously macabre feast for the darkest recesses of your heart. You know you shouldn’t. But you know you will.

Three horror book covers titled "Twisted," featuring Volume One, Two, and "Ghosts of Christmas." The central cover shows a close-up of a woman with blood smeared around her mouth.

50 Kisses // Feature Film

Fifty Kisses is the first feature film produced by Create50, a film with multiple stories connected by one thing – a Valentines kiss. Irreverent, charming, ridiculous, moving and at times wonderfully profound, 50 Kisses features everything from love struck zombies, androids and teddy bears to… fatigue fighting lesbians! 50 Kisses is the world’s first crowd generated feature film; a multi-cultural and global reflection of pop culture’s vision of love in the 21st century.

Poster for "50 Kisses" featuring a large numeral 50 filled with small images from the film, surrounded by numerous signatures. Text reads: "50 WRITERS. 50 FILMMAKERS. ONE PICTURE.

We have a Facebook page for this initiative with nearly 1,000 writers HERE. It’s where we want writers will come together for peer reviews of their stories ahead of the deadline. Join the page now at

We have a new Instagram account where we will share art, excerpts, audio and updates.
Please follow here…

Twisted50 is part of the Create50 initiative that is run by the London Screenwriters’ Festival, to help writers get first meaningful credits for their work, while helping ach other and getting WRITING WRITING WRITING!

Meet The Team

Chris Jones // Twisted50 Founder

Filmmaker, author (Bloomsbury), screenwriter and founder of Twisted50, The London Screenwriters’ Festival and TEDxEaling. Splinter Unit Director on ‘Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1’ and Exec Producer for ‘The Enfeild Poltergeist’ for AppleTV+.

Full bio HERE.

Amy Livingstone // Twisted50 Team

Bio and headshot to follow.
Full bio coming.

Elinor Perry-Smith // Twisted50 Editor

I am a writer, proofreader and noveliser living and working in SE London. I work for new listings magazine with a special interest in films and plays.
Full bio HERE.

Mark Walker // Twisted50 Team

As a responsible parent, Mark likes to encourage his daughters to watch his favourite horror films to varying degrees of success! One of his short stories was included in Twisted50 volume 2.
Full bio HERE.

Emma Pullar // Twisted50 Team

Emma is an award-winning and bestselling writer of dark fiction, one of her short stories was included in Twisted50 volume 2.
Full bio HERE.

Rachael Howard // Twisted50 Team

Bio and headshot to follow.
Full bio HERE.