Twisted 50 Audiobook … Secret Diary… Entry One, by Helen Lloyd

Twisted50 volume 1 will have an audiobook. How cool is that! You can pre-order your copy now (and please do as we need to sell 50 copies to cover the cost of making it). You can pre order a digital download OR a disk version.

Heading it up is experienced Audiobook producer and seasoned voice over artist Helen Lloyd, whose voice sounds like what a bottle of Baileys would if it could talk. Rather delicious. So we are in very good hands. Helen has agreed to write an Audiobook Diary as we go… Here is part one.

An audiobook is conceived … Fifty stories by fifty authors – so of course, the audiobook must be read by fifty different narrators! Now there’s a challenge!

I’ve spent the day sending emails to over a hundred professional audiobook narrators to gauge their interest in being involved in the Twisted 50 Audiobook. Most of the authors have sent in their shopping list in terms of accents and vocal age … and now it’s a case of matching the two elements together … words and voices.

The narrators are a talented and busy bunch of people, especially at this time of year, when many are involved in Panto or Christmas shows, so have limited availability … there is also a major holiday period approaching … Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I expected a few ‘thanks but no thanks’ responses.

How fantastic to have such overwhelmingly positive replies from everyone I’ve contacted… every one of which I can vouch for both technically and artistically. Not a single one has said ‘no I’m not interested’… So now the fun begins! Matching voices to texts, getting auditions and making choices… what fun!

It’s now half past one in the morning… and my brain is beginning to hurt and I’m expecting a nightmare filled night. I’ve been reading horror stories almost non-stop for the past couple of days. They’re seriously scary! Oh the glamour of it all…

Helen Lloyd
Twisted50 volume 1 Audiobook Producer

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