The Twisted Core by Hillier Townsend


I just realized that all the stories I’ve written thus far for the Twisted series, despite having different story lines, different characters, and different “voices”, share a common theme: the horrifying consequences of a person blindly fulfilling their needs at the expense of others.

The reasons “why” vary, too. In one of these stories, a mother is trapped in an addiction; in another, it’s a producer’s greed that sets off mass carnage; in a third, death and destruction result when a former friend fully indulges his sadism.

In “Inspiration” – a story I’ve recently submitted for Twisted vol. 2 – it’s something we all long for: to simply feel good about life. The devil, as always, is in the details.

Thinking back on other authors’ Twisted tales, I find this theme to be common among many of those as well –prompting me to see knives, blood n’ gore, monsters in the shadows, etc., as merely representations of the truest terror; the twisted evil we fear in the core of our humanity: the beast who sees not its fellow humans in its pursuit of what it wants, nor cares that it is the cause of our suffering.

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