‘Fingers’ by J.M Hewitt, narrated by Dawn Murphy

Though I’m a heavy reader, I had not yet had the experience of listening to a book. Once upon a time I didn’t know the pleasure of a Kindle, but as time and technology moved on, I now wouldn’t be without it.

So it was with excitement that I first listened to my story being told audibly. And what an experience it was!

The music, first off, haunting chimes, which sound ever so slightly like the score from The Godfather – my all time favourite film.

Next comes Lucy, telling her own story via the narrator. It’s chilling, it chilled me and I wrote it! Dawn Murphy is a superb actress, getting the intonation of the characters so right, just how I heard them in my head when I was writing my tale.

So Fingers, by J.M Hewitt – narrated by Dawn Murphy, was my first taste of an audiobook, but I can safely say it won’t be my last. A theatrical play, a movie script which heightens the senses and a book all in one – what’s not to love?

J.M Hewitt.

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