Sum Of My Memories by EJ Hughes, audiobook excerpt, read by Susie Riddell

Some of the stories in Twisted50 are demented, disturbing and downright, well yes, Twisted. Then there are some that are melancholic, beautiful and lyrical. Sum Of My Memories by EJ Hughes is one such story.

Originally written from a male perspective, Helen Lloyd our Audiobook producer asked the author if we could go with a female voice as Susie Riddell seemed perfect for it. EJ Hughes agreed and so we have a tonal shift in the reading.

This ability to re-interpret and discover new layers in our collective work is one of the aspects of Create50 that I love. Art and craft in motion, as a collective / team / community. Discovering, reinventing and recreating.

Sum Of My Memories is one of my favourite stories as it is so achingly melancholic and I cannot wait to hear the entire reading by Susie.

Chris Jones

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