How I Found My Story by Shirley Day

I got lost driving home last year and ended up on The Broads.  I loved the watery flat slightly-creepy-in-wintertime landscape, and had this idea of doing a short film there, though what, I didn’t know.

Then over Christmas last year I saw the Twisted 50 site. I don’t normally do hard-core horror, more psychological thriller, and supernatural, but I read a few stories and really liked the variety. I remembered the Broads, and asked myself “who would evolve out of that landscape?”

And that was it; there she was, pulling herself up out of the water. She had a really larger than life 70’s, 80’s voice that just kept yabering away.

To be honest it was hard to stop her!  She jabbered way over 3,000 words, so then I had to take a knife to her and sort her out.

After I’d finished writing the short story, I decided to try her out at the theatre. She got selected for the Ink Festival and appeared in all her glory in May of last year.

The producer is hoping to take her to Edinburgh next year.  She’s also dipped her toe into the TV genre, and has a first episode all neatly typed out, script edited and waiting for my next move, or maybe I should say – her next move.

Shirley Day
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