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Shirley Day

My Story from Twisted50 vol 1: The Biggest Fear

Favourite quote: ‘I am Spartacus’ – Spartacus


I am a writer / director for film and theatre.  I have also written short stories for BBC Radio 4, and been shortlisted for Granta for my short stories.  In 2016 my short story A BRIEF TIMELINE … was selected for the Dangerous Women Project.  Last year I was listed for the Bath Novel award for my first novel THE INSECT HOUSE.   Film-wise:  I was nominated for BAFTA breakthrough Brit in 2016. I have one feature currently in pre production MY DAY, and in the last 12 months I’ve had two feature commissions, and one feature optioned.  My short film The Compliment was on the final selection for the Los Angeles Cinefest, and The pilot for my TV series hYve was selected last year for the European film festival.  I’m currently in post-production on a short: ROLE PLAY.   I run a filmmaking charity called Create and a small production company.  I mentor people in scriptwriting and filmmaking, and I have just started blogging.


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How I Found My Story by Shirley Day

I got lost driving home last year and ended up on The Broads.  I loved the watery flat slightly-creepy-in-wintertime landscape, and had this idea of doing a short film there, though what, I didn’t know. Then over Christmas last year I saw the Twisted 50 site. I don’t normally do hard-core horror, more psychological thriller,

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