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Why you should upload your headshot to Gravatar

We are asking all writers to add a Gravatar headshot to their email account. We have a small and personal community and to see each others headshots REALLY makes a difference.

It’s not essential, but you only need to do it once, and then forever onward the interwebs will associate your headshot with your email which is darn cool!


  • Don’t be a digital Vampire with no reflection. Upload your headhsot to Gravatar and it will appear on your stories, bio and comments on the site.
  • You will be associated with all your digital assets, helping to create a professional and consistent brand beyond Twisted50.
  • Stand out from the online shadows and slay it!


  • Choose a clear, high-quality headshot. Make sure it looks professional and represents you well.
  • Go to and click on “Create Your Own Gravatar.”
  • Sign in or “Create an account” using the email address you will register with Twisted50.
  • Click on “Add a new image” and choose the  headshot from your computer.
  • Use the cropping tool to adjust your photo. Once satisfied, click “Crop and Finish.”
  • Assign your Gravatar to your email address. This ensures that whenever you use this email on Gravatar-enabled sites, your headshot will appear.
  • Confirm your settings and save your Gravatar.

Simple. Effective. Done.

Amy x

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