Welcome to the Audition Altar… Leo X. Robertson and his reaction to the reading by Anna Parker Naples

I’m sitting with my dad in his kitchen in Glasgow having just listened to the audiobook excerpt of my story. It was awesome!

When I wrote “The Audition Altar” I was thinking of John Waters films, and Anna Parker Naples, the voice actor, nailed the lascivious and sometimes hyperbolic tone of the text. I didn’t expect Ms Naples to do both the male and female voices, so it was a joy to hear her capture the gormless and naive Geoff as easily as the creepy and presumptuous Zoe Trope, and yet she made them her own. Even although I wrote the story, I was excited to hear what happened next!

It’s rewarding and humbling to have my story honoured by such talent. It also felt the good kind of weird, which is very much in the Twisted50 spirit.

The foreboding introductory music and the skill of the voice acting in this and the other audiobook excerpts I’ve heard so far has blown me away. It adds a totally new dimension. Fifty stories from fifty different authors giving a total of fifty new interpretations from fifty different voice actors in, what, about seven to eight hours worth of listening? That’s a highly compressed diversity of talent! And as I say, even if you’ve read the stories before, like I have—even if you wrote one of the stories—this is something new.

I’ll definitely get the Twisted50 audiobook when it comes out! (pre-order HERE)

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