A woman with dark hair and gothic makeup reads a book in a dimly lit room with red lighting and candlelight.

Well, well, well, looks like some darling little demons are attempting to distress Mistress Twisted with their demented tales.

Perhaps you can have a read and share with us all what do you think of these little nightmares?

‘3GG’ by Aaron Nash (4 stars)
How much pain can one person endure to experience a pleasure beyond comprehension?

‘My Son John’ by Melissa A. Szydlek (4 stars)
Edina cleans up after her son John’s dates…

‘Fairy Lights’ by Christopher Stanley (5 stars)
Caroline wonders how many other crooked scientists there are in the world, playing God for some commercial advantage. Whatever she does, she knows it’ll never be enough.

‘The Scarlett Butcher’ by Aaron Nash (5 stars)
Alison tries to outrun an entity she’s only heard about in stories.

‘The Seventh Minute’ by Claire Rye (5 stars)
She holds her breath, praying for the seconds to pass quickly, knowing that the seventh minute brings horrors she cannot escape.

‘The HellRazors’ by Claire Rye (4.5 stars)
They survive the blistering heat of the day, only to face the terror of the night.

‘The Bump Floor’ by Eileen Wilson (5 stars)
A desperate woman tries to evade the stalker behind her.

‘The Final Girl’ by Aaron Nash (awaiting first feedback)
A disgruntled and very irritable serial killer pursues his final victim after killing the rest of the yearly group of annoying teenagers

‘Thirst in the Dark’ by Ioannis Koutroubis (awaiting first feedback)
Joey, a ten-year-old boy with a broken leg, wakes up in the middle of the night, his throat parched and desperate for a drink of water.

Scared yet? Disturbing enough for all you Twisted minions out there? Think you can get under my skin and make me tremble with fear?

Well, make Mistress shudder, I bet you can’t….

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Mistress Twisted

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