Killing Her Little Darling by Merlin Ward

Every writer suffers rejection and most have ways of coping with the pain which always feels personal.

There was a time when the support of a literary agent was not critical to a writer’s career but when the Internet opened up the world, agents, producers, TV networks shut their doors to all but represented writers.

Panic ensued as writers scrambled to find representation.

I was represented by Curtis Brown but when my agent quit I was one of many writers that were culled from their books.

For a while, not having an agent made little difference but when one of my films failed to get financed, I searched for representation to help me sell the project and was shocked by the level of rejection.

Last year, one renowned agent’s assistant wrote to me and stated how much she loved my script and would try and persuade her boss to read it. The script is a ghost story that has subsequently been produced as a play.

After two months the message came back late one Friday afternoon – agents always dish out rejections late on Friday afternoons – that the agent had decided not to read my script as she “doesn’t like ghost stories”. At 4am the following morning I woke and wrote ‘Killing Her Little Darling’ to avenge all my fellow writers who have suffered Friday afternoon rejections.

‘Killing Her Little Darling’ is a twisted, cruel, tale and I am thrilled that it is one of 33 macabre stories that are waiting to escape the covers of Twisted’s Evil Little Sister.

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Merlin Ward

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