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Merlin Ward

My Story from Twisted’s Evil Little Sister: Killing Her Little Darling

Favourite quote: ‘Are you feeling lucky?’ – Dirty Harry


In July / August, 2014, my first stage play ‘The Widow’, was produced by Talking Scarlet at the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne, and at Fairfield Halls, Croydon. I adapted the play from my original screenplay, yet to be produced. My first feature-length film was ‘Out of Bounds’ and I had the great good fortune to see it screened on BBC One, three times.

‘No Kissing’ is my first original stage play and is a contemporary story about an impoverished inventory clerk who expects to find an empty flat but finds a seductive woman and a large wad of hidden cash.


‘Famous Emery’, is a 9-minute episode I wrote for the children’s animation series about trains called ‘Chuggington’, currently airing on BBC’s CBeebies.


I have written and sold several screenplays that never made it into production, including a commission from Working Title Films / TV.


I’m very excited about Twisted50 and Twisted’s Evil Little Sister – the competition process was inspiring and immensely enjoyable and has given me a love for writing prose. ‘Killing Her Little Darling’ came from an open wound that every creative person will understand. I am now polishing my first full-length novel.


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Killing Her Little Darling by Merlin Ward

Every writer suffers rejection and most have ways of coping with the pain which always feels personal. There was a time when the support of a literary agent was not critical to a writer’s career but when the Internet opened up the world, agents, producers, TV networks shut their doors to all but represented writers.

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