Inspiration for the story Flat Hunting by Gordon Slack

girl in the nest, corpse of the girl in the woods bloody

Some years ago I visited an elderly relative who had just moved to a smaller house.

It was, of course, a tiring experience for her and I politely asked “This will be your last move?”. “No”, she responded and then said, with her wonderful (slightly wicked?) sense of humour, “Just one more, to my single floor flat”. I looked confused to which she smiled and then crossed her arms over her chest.

That idea remained stored in my mind and as soon as the brilliant Twisted 50 initiative appeared, the idea rapidly surfaced.

I quickly assigned a female protagonist  because I generally find them more interesting; they can somehow upset the established balance associated with using a male.

I knew she had to be violent and disturbed but I also wanted contrast in her character resulting in “Miss Smith’s” casual, bubbly nature.

So there it is – Flat Hunting.

I find inspiration sometimes comes from a casual comment, maybe a single word. Or an image, or a sound. I guess some other writers feel the same.

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