Do Blastocysts Dream Of Foetal Sheep? by Alex Thompson

For such a horrible story, the first version of Do Blastocysts Dream Of Foetal Sheep?

It was actually written to make my girlfriend at the time laugh.

We both shared the same strange (twisted?) sense of humor so I wrote as disturbing a story as I possibly could.

This was the result, so it’s a wonder we’re not still together!

I have been asked if the story is a pro-life statement and – although I can see how it could be taken that way – I’m staunchly pro-choice.

I’m an avid connoisseur of horror and if what I think of disturbs even me, then I know I’ve hit a nerve. The idea of something malevolent growing inside you has been done before, but this concept really got under my skin so I knew it was the perfect subject matter…

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