My story wrote itself… with help! by Howard Ellison

Everyone has a novel in them, it’s said.  Well, thanks to Twisted50v2, I have become sure most of us harbour a potential short story.

When the invitation came to write mine, I thought “Can’t do that, I’m a guy who presents other peoples’ stuff”  (I’m a voice actor) and then seconds later “hang on…the genre is horror, and I recall that emotion from my childhood”.

So I had a starting point:  the cold terror of a seven year old discovering something malevolent under the bed.

Yes, you’re right, an old trope, but the experience was hideously real.  The moment I touched the keyboard, ‘Charcoal Granny’ virtually wrote itself, complete with title. Not much imagination required – but quite scary to do.

Then came the really brave bit: upload and invite comment – from newbies like myself to highly experienced authors.

Pleased to say fellow Twisted writers are frank and kind, whatever they may create on the page.

They were affirmative and offered practical tips. When I wasn’t sure what was meant, I found myself gently guided.  Out went eccentricities, and random tenses, down came the word count, up went readability.

What a great and friendly way to learn.

Howard Ellison.

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