High Heels aren’t for walking are they? by Sasha Black

I love wearing high heels. The power. The adrenaline pumping sexuality. The socially acceptable dirty pretty look every woman, and some men too, can use or better still, abuse.

For a transgender twist on the vampire story, high heels seemed an appropriate and powerful totem for the heroine in my story, Tatiana. Once a man, now a woman. So long as she stays on the right side of her Faustian deal.

What I love most about writing, is the way it can conjure evocative images in the mind of both the writer and the reader. Our thoughts are truly uncensored and that arouses something in me when I write. Our thoughts are true and honest. And for me, a wonderfully dangerous playground.

I live in Amsterdam and last winter, while wandering the red light district, I mused, ‘what if vampires lived behind those red doors?’ Momentarily later I passed a stunningly beautiful trans sex worker, and ‘Killer Heels’ was born.

The first draft was written in a delirious fever that night, and then entered into Twisted 50 before I knew any better. I don’t seek the spotlight so this was a big step for me.

Little did I know how far my story would go.

I have been overwhelmed by the lovely words people have shared about my story and grateful for all the feedback that has made it stronger, especially form Jenny Raven. I now look forward to Twisted 2 and seeing what my uncensored mind reveals when I pull back the red satin to see.

Now. Where are my favourite heels?

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