Being Part of Twisted50 by Helen Lloyd

I was so thrilled to be part of Twisted 50 creative collaboration and the Audiobook that brought together 50 stories, 50 writers and 50 narrators … and the launch event at the wonderful Cinema Museum was unlike any other party I have ever been to!

It was great to put faces to all the names I have become so familiar with … and to meet some of the 50 narrators who narrated the stories for the Audiobook. You may be surprised to know that though I know the work of all of the voices and have worked with all of the narrators involved in some capacity in the past, I haven’t actually met many of them face to face.

We all have home recording studios and so work independently and in isolation. How mad is that? We’re paid to talk to ourselves while shut in a padded room – so we voice actors really relish those occasions when we are let ‘out of the box’. So the Twisted 50 night was not only a wonderful chance to meet and thank the fantastic creative team behind the project for all of their hard work and support and to meet so many of the authors, but was also a chance to meet some of the talented voice actors who read the stories.

A great night, a great project … and I was delighted to be involved … and relieved to have talked sense in my interview with the fabulous Ellie Torrez for the fan carpet.

Helen Lloyd.

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