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Jenny Hoops // Voice Artist

Featured in the audiobook of Twisted50

Jenny Hoops has been a performer all her adult life, ranging from cartoon and mascot characters, to motivational speaker (“Canada’s Sexy Optimist”), to media spokeswoman for government, to – currently! – the voice of The Washington Post on Audible.com as well as narrator of several audiobooks.

Jenny’s audiobook credits include timeless favourites like The Call of the Wild and Kepler: A Biography, as well as new fiction like League of the Star and Kalyna.  You can find all her audiobook and periodicals narration work at audible.com.


She is working with many independent publishers and authors to publish their new books in audiobook format, and is slowly convincing the world that audio is the best medium for books!


Reading The Sugarloaf and the Red Shoes in the Twisted 50 Audiobook gave her high-heel nightmares – and considerably soured her previously joyful regard of the 40+ pairs of shoes in her closet!


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