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Claire Wyatt // Voice Artist

Featured in the audiobook of Twisted50

Claire Wyatt is an actress whose audio drama work covers everything from aliens to countesses for the Doctor Who series and the Wireless Theatre Company. And I’ve read stories for children as well as erotic adult fiction! As a voice artist, her dulcet tones are trust by many big brands including BAFTA, Sky, Vodafone, NHS, Ernst & Young, The National Trust and the AXA Group – as well as in e-learning, ADR, IVR and Corporate narration.

Claire says, ‘I’m convinced I was shot in a previous life. I jump out of my skin and squeal like a piglet at the quietest of pops and bangs. 


You can imagine what fun Fireworks night is for me! And this jumpiness is the same when I watch horrors and thrillers. So, for the sake of my heart, and the eardrums of those around me, I don’t do it too often!

But what frightens me more than any horror story? Losing my child. Or being forced to eat orange peel (food of the devil) whilst rock climbing (can’t stand heights) on a massive stage when I can’t remember my lines (recurring nightmare)!

I think I’ll stick to voice work’.


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