What’s on your plate? “The Monthly Meal” by Gordon Slack

I guess that cooking and eating young children is not generally considered acceptable in a modern society. For law abiding, civil, tolerant and considerate people, such a practice should be abhorrent.

Yet with my Twisted50 brain algorithm running (does it ever stop?) such a prospect seemed ghoulishly pleasant and inviting; this led to my Twisted50 V2 story “The Monthly Meal” in which each month (now there’s a surprise!) a group of dedicated gastronomes meet up to prepare and savour the grisly main course.

Not to mention the dessert!

Yet again Twisted50 allowed me to share such a story with other disturbingly warped minds. The resulting feedback was always valuable and constructive; there was definite support for making the meal a truly gourmet affair. Also, to read and comment on the narratives provided by all the Twisted 50 lost souls was a delightful and inspiring experience (why are their stories so good? Damn them!).

But this does make me reflect on why us hopefully law abiding and civil people wish to write and read such gory stuff; want to imagine such dark worlds.  I guess it all comes back to the fundamental desire for stories; our adaptive and creative brains forever crying out to be exercised and expanded; needing to face challenges and emotions which sometimes must be invented if we wish to remain in a safe environment.

Maybe we need to address those deep (and real) fears that have haunted us throughout our evolution and survival.

OK, enough of the amateur psychology or whatever. I’m sure there are more eloquent explanations than mine and I would be glad to hear them.

But it is now time to let the red wine chambré. Time to lay the table and prepare the lemon scented finger bowls.
And I must say, the small arms and legs gently cooking in the oven do look exceedingly delicious.
Gruesome good wishes, Twisted 50!

Gordon Slack.

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