A person with disheveled hair and smeared makeup stands in a dimly lit room, wearing a distressed expression and appearing to be covered in blood.

Twisted50 vol III Project Page

You can now read and feedback on stories. Writers have the opportunity to submit a second draft based on feedback from other writers.


Submissions are £15 (about $20). Redraft submisisons free.


In order to participate you also commit to reading and offering feedback on two other stories.


  • You will also need to sign our contract that will give us some non exclusive rights.
  •  You will give us the right to upload the story to the website for peer review.
  •  You will give us the right to publish in a book, should your story be selected.
  •  You will give us the right to make edits (don’t panic, this is just for editorial tweaks and typos. We hope to make zero edits.)

For those concerned, we don’t allow AI to use your work to train itself with.  

You will see that Twisted is a mature brand and initiative that has been running for nearly a decade now, and this will be the fifth book in the extended family.

Submissions cost £15 (about $20). There is no charge for a second draft. Click the button above to begin the process.

If you have submitted a first draft, you can submit a second and final draft based on feedback from the community.  

You must read and feedback on at least TWO stories per submission. Please find stories with the least feedback when choosing.  

To help you choose which stories to read we have a leauge table base on star ratings. The ratings are NOT used for judging.