Twisted50 is an Amazon Best Seller! It’s Official!

Yes we did it, we officially knocked the King from his throne.

We nudged Stephen King from his number one spot in Horror Bestsellers and into the number two spot.

So congratulations to everyone involved in Twisted 50 and most of all the 50 Authors. YOU ARE BEST SELLERS!

Let that sink in for a moment.

What we have collectively achieved is extraordinary and we should pat ourselves on the back. But only for a moment.

We now have traction and while most people might sit on their laurels right now, WE know that this is an opportunity to be exploited.

So expect more from Twisted 50… We have some exciting new developments to share in the coming days and weeks.

And to the 50 authors… Use this moment now. Get on the phone to agents. Ring newspapers with your story. Post on social media (using the #Twisted50 hashtag so we can amplify).

I also want to acknowledge the hardest working member of the Twisted 50 team, Cristina Palmer-Romero. This is your disturbing baby. Any success we have is down to YOUR hard work. You are AWESOME! And of course you were supported by the deliciously demented Elinor Perry-Smith. Rockstars. Both of you. You should start a band!

OK… A moment of enjoyment before we collectively commit to taking it to the next level!

Chris Jones

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