The genesis of ‘Molly”, a child serial killer for Twisted 50 by Daniel Ginsberg

We’ve come to a place in the arts, where the shock and horror genre has turned to grotesque themes and incredible special effects in an effort to create new entertainment.

True fright, I believe, surrounds us everywhere and everyday… it is all around us: the aberration in an otherwise normal encounter… the twist of a person’s psyche… the perfect person hiding a terrible flaw.

When Poe wrote his tales of horror, he wrote of the twisted mind in the person next door.

What could be more disturbing than a cherubic little girl who begins to act out, and cleverly conceals her homicidal tendencies from a very young age, letting us know that a ‘Serial Killer” may be your child sleeping upstairs.

When I wrote “Molly”, I had just such a person in mind.

Daniel Ginsberg.

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