The Darkest Side of Twisted50 by Robbie Mori

I was never one for a happy ending, I cried as a child when Jaws was killed, I was never on the side of the angels. Horror is all I ever wanted to write, but for years I felt I had to conform to what was getting published out there. Until the dark characters’ voices in my head simply needed an outlet.

I decided to give them free reign and one day I did a flash fiction one-day course at Brighton University, I thought with any chance I’ll find my horror voice…… That’s how ‘The Anniversary’ was born, initially as a 500 words flash fiction story, read to a silently stunned audience of peers, none of which wrote as dark as me. The tutor was encouraging but it didn’t matter, I had found my horror voice and it was never going to shut up again.

I wrote non-stop ever since, the characters come up for air and I just let them tell me their stories, as terrifying as they want. At times, I still felt I was the only female horror writer around, until a good friend suggested I look up Create 50 and the rest is history. To be part of a community of writers that write and love horror is fantastic, to read others’ work and get feedback on your own is such a rare opportunity. So, I expanded ‘The Anniversary’, and submitted to Twisted 50 Vol 2 as well as another story, ‘The Meat Factory’. I pressed “submit” and felt dizzy with excitement.

Though feedback from other writers was positive, I never thought I would be shortlisted, never mind for both entries! It’s been the best experience, and finally ‘The Anniversary’ was selected to be in Twisted 50 Vol 2. It seems apt, my first horror story has come full circle.

Never give up, never leave the Dark Side, it’s the only place to be, and when the Zombies come for us, we will be ready.

Robbie Mori
Writer of ‘The Anniversary’

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