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Serena Gay // Voice Artist

Featured in the audiobook of Twisted50

What I find scary are the awful things that might really happen. The foot that might trip so that I hurtle down the stairs to land on a twisted neck in a spreading puddle of end-of-life blood, the evil, distracted nanny who, in my absence, might place my live, warm baby in the freezer….   

In truth, I am too well steeped in the facts of real life 20th century horror to seek out the thrill of being frightened.


Much of my life has been lived in what was once the most deeply scary city in Europe, Berlin, where indescribably evil people plotted all-too-real acts of genuine terror.  Of course, Berlin is a very different city today – there is no comparison with the past.


I started out as a radio journalist with BBC local radio and the BBC World Service. I then spent 20 years in Berlin working for the English language news service of Germany’s public international broadcaster Deutsche Welle TV (DW-TV), recording news, features, documentaries, trailers, e-learning material. I’ve done it all.  And now, I work in the very secure and ghost-free confines of home recording books and carrying out PR for a wine education company. No thrills – but a few spills!


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