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Sam Devereaux // Voice Artist

Featured in the audiobook of Twisted50

“I started as an actor, graduating from Arts Educational Schools back in 2004. After a decade of films, theatre and voice overs I decided to specialise in voice work. I did this partly to be close to my children instead of touring all the time. I also did it because the allure of the audiobook, in my view the stiffest acting challenge there is, was too strong to resist. As well as happily recording as many titles as I can get my hands on I also voice video games and cartoons.

If audiobooks and character acting inspire me, then heights frighten me. Particularly flying. There’s something about putting your fate in the hands of a machine that you’re not in control of that never fails to bother me. That and big cathedrals. There’s something about massive stone structures built to inspire a fear of God that I find endlessly unnerving. My all-time worst dream is crashing in an aeroplane into St Pauls Cathedral. Perhaps all the narrating and character building has given me a turbo charged imagination?

My favourite horror movie is White Zombie. It was made in 1932 and stars Bela Lugosi. It’s old and limited and modern horror films are a lot more disturbing and graphic, but White Zombie has atmosphere. Every time I watch it I’m always taken aback by how authentically creepy it is. Nobody stares past the camera with more intensity than Lugosi and I love it!”


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