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Robbie Mori

My Story from Twisted50 vol 2: The Anniversary

Favourite quote: ‘Silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone’ – Shirley Jackson

Robbie’s first introduction to horror was watching ‘Salem’s Lot’ far too young, but she has never looked back. She has written over 40 horror short stories; a screenplay and a one act play which has received good feedback. Robbie is currently outlining her first horror novel which she is hoping to complete next year. She has been previously shortlisted for Flash 500 flash fiction and various other short stories competitions, and is delighted be part of Twisted 50 Vol 2.


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A woman is yelling in a dark room.

The Darkest Side of Twisted50 by Robbie Mori

I was never one for a happy ending, I cried as a child when Jaws was killed, I was never on the side of the angels. Horror is all I ever wanted to write, but for years I felt I had to conform to what was getting published out there. Until the dark characters’ voices

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