Redrafting my story for the Twisted50 vol 2 final round…by Paul Green

The deadline for Twisted 50 Vol 2 arrived and I duly submitted my 3rd draft of Unforgettable feeling smug as hell. Job done. Or so I thought…

Then word came from Chris Jones that rewrites were welcome, if not downright mandatory. I sat down to re-read my story cockily expecting to add the odd flourish and tweak here and there.

After all, the feedback from my Twisted 50 peers had been overwhelmingly positive, and if it ain’t broke and all that.

The reality proved to be very different and I found myself examining the story in a forensic fashion. Would he say this? Would she say that? Can I restructure that clunky paragraph?

Flourishes and tweaks became minor surgery. I added a stag night as the motivation for a one-night stand, then deleted it because it just felt too ‘on the nose’.

Three drafts later and I think I’ve ironed out any flaws in my story. It certainly flows better. And to think, without that ‘directive’ from Chris I would never have revisited my story.

Cheers Chris!

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