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Nick Jackson

My Story from Twisted’s Evil Little Sister: The Devil Is In The Detail

Favourite quote: ‘What people are ashamed of, usually makes a good story

– F. Scott Fitzgerald


Nick Jackson is a Yorkshire-based horror and science fiction writer. Since his first story was published in Writers’ Forum in 2016, his work has appeared in numerous anthologies, including the Amazon-bestselling Dark Minds. 

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Once Upon A Bridge… by Nick Jackson

My story is about a bridge. I love bridges, always been fascinated by them, so when Twisted 2 threw out the call for stories I knew mine had to feature a bridge. It also features a brave protagonist venturing out alone onto said bridge, and a nasty creature waiting to pounce… and if any of

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The Detail in the Devil by Nick Jackson

Writers are obsessed with questions. Every story has at least one at its core: Can Regan MacNeil’s soul be saved? (The Exorcist). Who is the killer? (Every whodunnit ever). Will the cute alien trapped on Earth survive? (Species. Why, what did you think I meant?). So yup, we spend a lot of time on these

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