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The cover of twisted evil little sister.

Have you seen the book cover for Twisted’s Evil Little Sister?

We are at ‘stage one’ of the three stages needed for Twisted’s Evil Little Sister to be available in paperback on Amazon via CreateSpace. The second stage is the cover which we expect to be confirmed later today or tomorrow. Then it’s just a few crossed T’s and dotted I’s and we are good to

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A hand with blood on it next to a bottle of dishwashing liquid.

Based on a True Story by Paul W. Franklin

An epithet often seen on movie posters, and in many cases I wonder exactly how much of said film – this being Hollywood – resides in reality. The recent ‘Sully’, for example: yes a plane landed on the Hudson River, but that part of the story lasted all of ten minutes, so how much of

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A silhouette of a girl standing in tall grass.

Sum Of My Memories by EJ Hughes, audiobook excerpt, read by Susie Riddell

Some of the stories in Twisted50 are demented, disturbing and downright, well yes, Twisted. Then there are some that are melancholic, beautiful and lyrical. Sum Of My Memories by EJ Hughes is one such story. Originally written from a male perspective, Helen Lloyd our Audiobook producer asked the author if we could go with a female voice as Susie Riddell seemed

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A woman with blood on her face and a finger on her lips.

Twisted 50 Audiobook Secret Diary… Entry Three, by Helen Lloyd

A comment from Richie Brown (one of the Twisted 50 Authors) on the Twisted 50 Audiobook Blog got me thinking. Richie asked “Are some stories better suited to reading aloud than others because of the way they are written? If so, what lends a story to an audio performance? Or is it the case that

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A man holding up a book on the beach.

A warm heart and cool mind by Duncan Eastwood

My fiancée found Create50. Together we explored the website and with each page the challenge became more appealing. I had one story in mind – a pitch black comedic tale of addiction, family, dating and vampirism. I pained over the telling of the tale, analysed every sentence and rewrote the story. Even though I knew

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An image of a white cloth on a black background.

Do Blastocysts Dream Of Foetal Sheep audiobook excerpt

Some of the tales in Twisted are just a little bit more Twisted than others. Do Blastocysts Dream Of Foetal Sheep? by Alex Thompson is one such story. Read it if you dare. I just got the first part of the Audiobook performance by Joan Walker and it is, as with all other excerpts from the Audiobook, outstanding. I cannot wait

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A black and white image of a person's hands in the snow.

The Detail in the Devil by Nick Jackson

Writers are obsessed with questions. Every story has at least one at its core: Can Regan MacNeil’s soul be saved? (The Exorcist). Who is the killer? (Every whodunnit ever). Will the cute alien trapped on Earth survive? (Species. Why, what did you think I meant?). So yup, we spend a lot of time on these

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A skull laying on the ground in the dark.

A Deadly Countdown by Mary Stone

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m sat at my desk at work; a.k.a. bored and daydreaming about the weekend. And an email pings up on my computer screen. It’s from Chris Jones at Create50 saying the deadline for ‘Twisted50’ is that very weekend. Hm? My interest is piqued. I read further and discover that Chris’s latest

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A silhouette of a man with his hand out.

Something to his Left by Gerald Kells

I don’t know about you but I find the writing bit often starts with a very little idea. So one day I thought of the words: ‘There was something to his left’. Now I may not be the only fan of MR James in the world but whenever I write something spooky I think, would

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