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The Awesome Accessibility of Audio by Nick Yates

Not all of my friends are readers. I mean; they can read but they don’t read, at least not beyond a little social media or football reports in The Metro.And that is no judgment, a number of them are among the most intelligent people I know, they just don’t do books. Whether it’s due to

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Foodbank by dylan keeling.

Watch the Chilling Trailer for the Twisted50 volume 1 Audiobook

  Marvel if you will, at the trailer for the Twisted50 Audiobook, produced by the fabulous Helen Lloyd. 50 Writers, 50 Stories… 50 Narrators… Enjoy it and please share with your communities. Chris Jones Want to get a little bit more Twisted? Here’s some related posts… Listen to the fabulous Steph Wessell on last

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Listen to Steph Wessell on BBC Radio Bristol talking Create50!

Our very own one woman marketing machine Steph Wessell has been spreading the good news about Twisted50 again by getting herself on the radio and slaying it like a pro. It’s a terrific interview, and listen to how it sounds when the host refers to knocking Stephen King off the top spot. Twisted50 writers… That’s YOUR book

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Twisted 50 volume 1 audiobook.

Listening to the Twisted50 Audio Files by Elinor Perry-Smith

What I’ve noticed about listening to these excellent stories is how much I’ve invested in them, It was my privilege to help edit about half of them and that was a learning curve in itself, so when I listened to those particular stories I found myself remembering so much of them and also crucially noticing

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So what is the Twisted50 Audiobook Experience REALLY like? Here’s what listeners say…

The Twisted50 Audiobook has been ‘beta’ listened to by five people. During this process the feedback surprised even us. It seems that Twisted50 narrated is EVEN better than the written word. Here is feedback from three of the listeners… ‘The Twisted50 audiobook is a compelling, unhurried, lingering, luxurious, silk-lined, creamy-dark, downy flick-knife musk-rose experience. So

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A girl laying in the water next to rocks.

What’s Eating You? By Dee Chilton

I created the main character in ‘She Will Never Die’ from personal experience and a fear of drowning (yes, my joining the Navy was perhaps an odd choice in view of that!). I mixed that with putting myself  ‘in her shoes’, as she faces up to her horrific, inescapable situation and the end of her

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A Letter to the Hesitant Writer by Milethia Thomas

A hesitant writer recently asked about writing. “I want to write a book. Where do you find the time? Where do you get the ideas? You must have a good imagination.” I said something along the lines of – “You just have to start writing.” Of course, this is true (and obvious) but if I’d

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How One Voice Brought My Story To Life by Jacqui Canham

When I was coming through arrivals at Heathrow Airport one day, I was struck by the sea of signs bearing names. I wondered – how do the people holding these signs know for sure that the person approaching them really is Michael Smith or Sophie Brown? What if that person was just pretending to be

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The Power of the Audiobook: Injecting Creepy Life into ‘Busy Izzie’ by Milethia Thomas

Nervously excited I pressed the play button to hear the extract from ‘Busy Izzie’. Tantalising snippets of music… Why is the music stuttering? My temperamental laptop froze. My giddy aunt! I closed and restarted the browser… Tinkling, repeated piano notes, giving a feeling that ‘something wicked this way comes’, which immediately had me imagining Izzie

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