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The Origin Of ‘Witches’ by SV Macdonald

Many of my stories are set in the woods near where I live, and my inspiration for ‘Witches’ came from the same place. The clearing where I set the story really does exist, and just after dawn on a sunny morning shafts of light fall through the trees and illuminate it in a truly magical

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Talking Twisted by Steph Wessell from the Twisted50 Book Launch

Ok, so I was a bit tipsy… and giddy with getting an unexpected, lovely and oh-so-heavy glass award (2nd Best Story)… and feeling really sociable, meeting face-to-face many friends I’d previously met only virtually in the Create 50 community… and I was so happy to be showing my husband and friends (also in attendance) the

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Good Girls Don’t Write Horror… Or Do They? by Danielle Wager

‘It was… a little bit….dark and deathy for my tastes?’ These were the words that accompanied one of my first attempts at showing my short story writing to others when I was younger. I had always had one of those sorts of imaginations; capable of extracting the very worst possible outcome from any given scenario.

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Macabre À La Carte by Amanda Webster

Happy Ever After? What’s that all about, then? That, my friend, is Act 3 without the satisfying ending! We don’t do that here at Twisted 50, do we? No, we’re out to reimagine and reinvent the fairytale – warts and all. So, where does the prospective writer start when that blank page is staring them

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My Create50 Experience by Philip F. Webb

After being nagged, pestered and finally (the next bit may be an exaggeration) threatened by a friend, I checked out Create50 and the Twisted50 vol 2 competition. What I saw was a breath of fresh air compared to both other writing competitions (you mean I get feedback and can re-write my submission?) and social media sites (no

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Dee Chilton Gets Interviewed by ‘The Fan Carpet TV’

  You know what’s really scary? Being taken by total surprise and interviewed on camera. Many will know I can warm to my subject (!) and waffle on, but I feel (hope) I did the Create50 and LSF justice on this occasion. Fortunately the interviewer, the lovely Ellie Torrez, was superb at putting me/us at

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The Story Behind ‘Scaredy Kat’ by Caroline Slocock

I have been known to look under the bed before turning the light out. I have been known to check the whole flat, room by room, every nook and cranny, before going to sleep. Usually it’s because I’ve been watching some drama on TV that has spooked me. But sometimes it’s because I’ve been reading

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Once Upon A Bridge… by Nick Jackson

My story is about a bridge. I love bridges, always been fascinated by them, so when Twisted 2 threw out the call for stories I knew mine had to feature a bridge. It also features a brave protagonist venturing out alone onto said bridge, and a nasty creature waiting to pounce… and if any of

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