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A zombie with blood on his hands.

The Scariest Part of Horror Is the Rough Draft by Ryan Reudell

Twisted50 was my first foray into horror, yet “The Director’s Cut” remains one of my best work because it was so thoroughly edited before the first submission. That’s the key to my writing process: editing. Without that, my story would be shit. Accepting this truth helps me move on from Rough Draft Paralysis, when you

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A woman with a knife in her mouth.

What’s on your plate? “The Monthly Meal” by Gordon Slack

I guess that cooking and eating young children is not generally considered acceptable in a modern society. For law abiding, civil, tolerant and considerate people, such a practice should be abhorrent. Yet with my Twisted50 brain algorithm running (does it ever stop?) such a prospect seemed ghoulishly pleasant and inviting; this led to my Twisted50

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A black and white photo of a woman kissing a demon.

A Bit About My Story by Sarah Lloyd

My name is Sarah Lloyd. I am a Mental Heatlh Nurse working with children and adolescents.  I enjoy my work and I nursed in adult services for fifteen years before joining the adolescent team. I often meet interesting and creative people.  My other interests are painting, reflexology, yoga, music, drama and of course – writing.

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A woman with blood on her face is posing for a photo.

From smut to the surreal by Lee Burgess

WARNING: The following contains information about scary stories. There may be spoilers, there may be disturbing uses of language that leads to sweating, a quickened heart-beat and in some cases the soiling of one’s lucky underwear. Not so lucky if you ask me. If you experience any discomfort whilst reading this incredibly well written article,

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A man in a suit with a white mask on his face.

‘The Director’s Cut’ Article by Ryan Reudell

Good horror doesn’t just come from a creepy idea, it comes from an emotion: fear. One of my greatest fears is that my degenerative disability will progress to the point where I’m no longer able to enjoy even the limited quality of life I have right now and I’ll be forced to stay in relatively

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An image of a skull in a circle.

The Origin Of ‘Witches’ by SV Macdonald

Many of my stories are set in the woods near where I live, and my inspiration for ‘Witches’ came from the same place. The clearing where I set the story really does exist, and just after dawn on a sunny morning shafts of light fall through the trees and illuminate it in a truly magical

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A woman in a costume standing on a red carpet.

Talking Twisted by Steph Wessell from the Twisted50 Book Launch

Ok, so I was a bit tipsy… and giddy with getting an unexpected, lovely and oh-so-heavy glass award (2nd Best Story)… and feeling really sociable, meeting face-to-face many friends I’d previously met only virtually in the Create 50 community… and I was so happy to be showing my husband and friends (also in attendance) the

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