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A man in a wheelchair sitting on a red carpet.

A Night to Remember by Lee Burgess

I dedicate this blog to the loving memory of my grandparents Les and Maureen Derrick who never ceased in their support of my creative work, but passed on just a little before I was able show them the stories in which I take great pride, I further dedicate both Brain Drain and to whomever it

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The shockalot box on amazon.

Twisted50 Author Writes SO many stories, she ends up with her OWN book of Shockers! By Jane Badrock

Imagine a twelve-year-old girl exiled to deepest, dankest Manchester, unknowingly about to be presented to endless relatives offering tinned salmon and peaches, existing instead on blackcurrant jam sandwiches… Then imagine her in that foreign land, staying in a tiny bedroom, which was crammed full of books packed with the most wonderful things; especially a large

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The cover of splinters with a woman's head.

Twisted50 Success Story with author Chris Jeal

Splinters: Tales that get under your skin I’ve heard other authors refer to their books as their ‘babies’, but that’s not a term I’d use. I like to think of my book ‘Splinters’ more as a deranged son who mumbles creepy stuff at the dinner table, has an obsession with ‘purifying the flesh of the

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A woman is laying on a bed in a dark room.

Photos from the Twisted50 volume two launch and awards

If a picture says a thousand words, then these shots from the the book launch and awards for Twisted50 volume to will show you how we progressed from words to screams! What a night and such amazing photos from Mathias Falcone. Red carpet photos to follow tomorrow, and you can see and download ALL the photos

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The cover of worms a short story.

How Create50 Kick-Started my Writing Career by Emma Pullar

My journey to becoming a professional writer truly began when my short story, London’s Crawling was a finalist for Twisted50 Vol 1. Previous to this I had tried to write a children’s fantasy novel three times and no matter how I wrote it, I couldn’t make it work. Then I tried screenwriting, and received a

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A collection of horror movie book covers.

A Proud History of Horror Anthologies By Christopher Stanley

Have you heard the one about the author who asked his agent to send a short story to the editor of a horror magazine? The one where the story sat in the slush pile with hundreds of other stories for nearly a month before the agent chased it up? Let’s imagine the editor was Richard

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Twisted books on a table at a bookstore.

Twisted50 Vol 2 is released…

We are delighted to share the news that Twisted50 vol 2 have been released, with fifty terrifying tales from 50 of the most breathtaking voices in new horror. Twisted 50 volume 2 is your second sitting at the table of contemporary horror. Prepare for a forbidden feast of fifty courses… A slice of terror, grilled to

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A man kneeling down with blood on his face.

The Man in the Dicky Bowtie by Simon Cluett

The story behind the story, ‘Dead Comedians’ by Simon Cluett Picture the scene. It’s the late 1970s and a young, fresh-faced whippersnapper in flannel jim-jams has just brushed his toothy pegs and is all ready for beddy-byes. He stifles a yawn as he pads into a garishly decorated front room. For the sake of argument

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