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The cover of the twisted collection of horror stories.

Twisted50 is now available on Amazon

Wooooo! Finally, the Amazon Kindle release of Twisted50 is online. The softback will follow very soon. Here’s the link What can you do now? Numbers and reviews are now VERY important. We need a spike in sales and downloads and we need as many good reviews as possible. These two metrics are essential for the

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A woman in a white dress sitting on the ground.

Corporate Tragedy in a Foreign Language by Leo X. Robertson

I wrote a story about things I didn’t know I wanted to say. To me, it’s about the absurdism of the corporate adult world, how graduates are coerced into designing their lives in ways that are pleasing to companies, perhaps unknowingly sacrificing experiences that would bring them unique joy instead of trying to look good

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A close up of a spider with big eyes.

The Story Behind “INSECTS” by Caroline Slocock

The idea for “Insects” came from a dream.  Or should I say, a nightmare. In the dream, I’m standing in the doorway of my kitchen, horrified.  There are heaving, crawling piles of insects everywhere. I rush in and turn on all the flames on the stove to try and incinerate them.  I turn the taps

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A man in a beanie holding a medal in front of a london sign.

You look stupid, and who the fuck is David Bowie?

– quote from John the Christmas cracker who took 1st place at the Boys’ Brigade fancy dress comp 1988. Okay, let’s travel forward in time a bit… On the evening of September 3rd, 2016, I found myself at the London Screenwriters’ Awards. My short story, Shenanigans, had been nominated for best story, and as I

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A man walking down a dirt road.

Welcome to the blog for Twisted50

Ahead of the launch for Twisted50 the book, we have just launched this website dedicated to the book and the book series. We will share updates and behind the scenes stories via this blog, as well as posts from the authors. So how can you contribute to the blog? If you are a featured author

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