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A woman in a white dress sitting on the ground.

Just Do It by Richie Brown

Entering stories into Twisted 1, was, for me, quite a leap of faith, not in the competition, but in myself.  I’d done no creative writing since school, and that was a long time ago, but have always been an avid reader of fiction, including horror fiction, so thought it was time to try. I am

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Zombie hands holding a knife on a dark background.

Inspiration for the story Flat Hunting by Gordon Slack

Some years ago I visited an elderly relative who had just moved to a smaller house. It was, of course, a tiring experience for her and I politely asked “This will be your last move?”. “No”, she responded and then said, with her wonderful (slightly wicked?) sense of humour, “Just one more, to my single

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Nick pens a spooky tale for anthology.

Nick Yates grabs first local press article

Following his awesome press release, Nick managed to be the first of our authors to get into a newspaper (pic below)! Here’s his release… Local author selected for bestselling horror anthology Stamford author Nick Yates has hit the Halloween horror heights after his short story won an international competition to be part of a best-selling anthology.

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Amazon best sellers in horror short stories.

Twisted50 is an Amazon Best Seller! It’s Official!

Yes we did it, we officially knocked the King from his throne. We nudged Stephen King from his number one spot in Horror Bestsellers and into the number two spot. So congratulations to everyone involved in Twisted 50 and most of all the 50 Authors. YOU ARE BEST SELLERS! Let that sink in for a

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A pair of ballerinas wearing high heeled shoes.

The Sugarloaf and the Red Shows Backgrounder by Marie Gethins

Hi my name is Marie Gethins and I have an irrational obsession with dance reality shows. It started with satisfying curiosity—what faded celebrities and sports stars were willing to do for a second bite of that fame apple. First the introductory stills were enough. Oiled and spray tanned in skimpy costumes, I relished the wave

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A zombie hand holding a pair of scissors.

Finger Lickin’ Twisted50 Success by JM Hewitt

Towards the later part of 2015 I came across a competition. It was entitled Twisted 50, and they were looking for short stories in the horror genre. The fifty winners would be published in an anthology. I’d never considered writing horror, although I’m a huge fan of horror books and films. I think it started

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A woman in a blue dress laying in the water.

How I Found My Story by Shirley Day

I got lost driving home last year and ended up on The Broads.  I loved the watery flat slightly-creepy-in-wintertime landscape, and had this idea of doing a short film there, though what, I didn’t know. Then over Christmas last year I saw the Twisted 50 site. I don’t normally do hard-core horror, more psychological thriller,

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A man is tied up with duct tape.

Are you getting enough exorcise? by Nick Yates

Picture a wet Friday afternoon in late November. Almost a year ago I was sitting at my desk on just such a day in need of creative inspiration. The proverbial waste paper basket was overflowing with balled up paper and a bruised forehead was all I had to show for it. I had a bad

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