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Bloated by Penegrin Shaw

A year back, I had what most would describe as a breakdown. I ran out of juice and had too many balls up in the air at once. I can talk about it easily, because I had an amazing doctor who listened to me with genuine concern and the most supportive and patient wife. Then I found someone that would

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Listen to the fabulous Steph Wessell on last nights BBC Radio Bristol

Steph Wessell shares her journey writing her Twisted50 story on BBC Radio Bristol. Splendid! Mistress Twisted Want to get a little bit more Twisted? Here’s some related posts… Twisted 50 Audiobook Secret Diary… Entry Two, by Helen Lloyd… Meet a Curious Boy read by Charles Constant Have you seen the book cover for Twisted’s Evil

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Paper Cuts by KK Rickcord

Paper Cuts was a letter that had already been written in my mind some years ago and deposited in an envelope somewhere in a sorting office at the back of it. I have suffered with severe ME/CFS since I was twenty-two, and it left me so ill that there were times over the years when

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A man peeking out of a hole in the wall.

The Beholder: How We’re All Watched… by Stephanie Wessell

For me, truly horrifying tales involve a hidden evil within normal, everyday life. Imagine: there’s an unsettling spirit entity watching you read this RIGHT NOW. Can’t you feel it, observing you? It’s right here, just at your shoulder, willing you to turn around… look. Look now. LOOK! Nothing there? It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist…

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Do Blastocysts Dream Of Foetal Sheep? by Alex Thompson

For such a horrible story, the first version of Do Blastocysts Dream Of Foetal Sheep? It was actually written to make my girlfriend at the time laugh. We both shared the same strange (twisted?) sense of humor so I wrote as disturbing a story as I possibly could. This was the result, so it’s a

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The Little Story That Could by N.W. Twyford

I’ve always loved writing short stories. To me, a good short story is like a good joke – you build it up, set the scene, and then you reveal, you subvert, you twist. A good short story shouldn’t just end. The only problem with a short story is what to do with one when it’s

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A Push by Richie Brown

It’s only lately that I stopped all that and started to write creatively, following a stroke and medical retirement. Not so good, but it could have been much worse, so I’m very lucky. (Just prior to the stroke, I was pulling together information to see how feasible it would be to leave the bloody job.

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The cover of twisted volume one.

So the Twisted50 books have finally arrived and they look AWESOME!

We have around 150 copies left (the other 150 were pre-sold) and they will make ideal Christmas gifts for people you love and want to seriously disturb (evil laughter). If you pre-ordered your copies(s), THANK YOU – they will start going out tomorrow.   How EXCITING! Chris Jones Want to get a little bit

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A woman's hand holding a bloody heart.

How did THAT happen? by Maggie Innes

To me, ultimate horror is good people being driven to do bad things, and it’s vital that readers relate to characters and care about them.   Stephen King is a master at managing the “How did THAT happen?” moment. But when I saw the Create 50 “Can you write a horror story in a weekend?” message

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High Heels aren’t for walking are they? by Sasha Black

I love wearing high heels. The power. The adrenaline pumping sexuality. The socially acceptable dirty pretty look every woman, and some men too, can use or better still, abuse. For a transgender twist on the vampire story, high heels seemed an appropriate and powerful totem for the heroine in my story, Tatiana. Once a man,

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Just Do It by Richie Brown

Entering stories into Twisted 1, was, for me, quite a leap of faith, not in the competition, but in myself.  I’d done no creative writing since school, and that was a long time ago, but have always been an avid reader of fiction, including horror fiction, so thought it was time to try. I am

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Zombie hands holding a knife on a dark background.

Inspiration for the story Flat Hunting by Gordon Slack

Some years ago I visited an elderly relative who had just moved to a smaller house. It was, of course, a tiring experience for her and I politely asked “This will be your last move?”. “No”, she responded and then said, with her wonderful (slightly wicked?) sense of humour, “Just one more, to my single

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