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Something to his Left by Gerald Kells

I don’t know about you but I find the writing bit often starts with a very little idea. So one day I thought of the words: ‘There was something to his left’. Now I may not be the only fan of MR James in the world but whenever I write something spooky I think, would

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Twisted50 Audiobook First Recordings Appear…

You may have heard that we are making an Audiobook of Twisted50 volume 1, aided and abetted by ace producer Helen Lloyd. We asked all the authors in the book to make a small contribution to help pay for this and we will be selling both physical and downloadable copies too. You can pre-order yours

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Killing Her Little Darling by Merlin Ward

Every writer suffers rejection and most have ways of coping with the pain which always feels personal. There was a time when the support of a literary agent was not critical to a writer’s career but when the Internet opened up the world, agents, producers, TV networks shut their doors to all but represented writers.

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Every Horror Story is a Personal Story by Steve Pool

At some point, every writer will likely be asked, “Where do you come up with your ideas?” Well, for most of us, I believe, the ideas come from straight from our inner-selves: not from our heads so much as from our hearts and our memories. When a writer sets out to write a story, he

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Deep conviction a short story by kim l wheeler.

There’s Always a ‘Sister’ Story to be Found by Kim L. Wheeler

Thinking of deleting or shredding all those wasted competition entries which are clogging up your hard drive or files? Think again! In early 2015 I entered a NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challenge. We were assigned a three ran-dom aspects, which had to be included in our story, and were given a time limit to complete the

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Summer Sky by John Read

In the heat of the revolution, not only the Royals lost their heads. Many people who were seen as part of the ‘establishment’ were also despatched by the guillotine. One of these unfortunates was a doctor. A very dedicated doctor as it transpired. A guard was assigned to accompany the condemned man to his fate.

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The Plane Truth About My Horror Story by David Young

I’m not a horror writer. Sure, sometimes my writing is horrific, but usually not on purpose. I normally write sitcom pilots, but I had enjoyed writing for the screen side of Create50, and wanted to be part of the prose platform as well. But if I were to write convincing horror, I couldn’t fake my

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It’s scary being scary by Gareth Eynon

As writers new to the scene, were are forever being told, ‘show don’t tell’, ‘easy on the adverbs’, and ‘write what you know’. It’s this last nugget of advice that provided the springboard for my Twisted 50 story, True Fear. When it comes to horror, which I had never written before, what I knew about

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