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Morag Sims // Voice Artist

Featured in the audiobook of Twisted50

Since graduating from ALRA in 2009 Morag has worked on stage, mainly in new writing. She has also narrated audiobooks for companies such as Audible, Harper Collins and Audiobooks.com and recorded 10 radio plays in front of a live audience at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Morag says, ‘This is my first horror narration and I have loved it! The kind of horror that I find most frightening is normally to do with the human body, something that could happen to you. So when I read ‘Itch’ it really made my skin crawl because I could imagine it happening to me.


I think the horror film that has scared me the most has been ‘Wolf Creek’ because it really stayed with me, especially the ‘head on a stick’ moment.


My other foray into horror so far has been the feature film ‘Scrawl’ which won several awards at the Zed Fest Film Festival. A lot of the filming took place in a forest in the middle of winter so my recording of ‘Itch’ was a great deal warmer to do!


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