Santa claus waving his hand in front of a christmas tree.

Michael van Koetsveld

My story from Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas is Ear Worm

Michael took a long time to realise that writing is what he likes doing and that fantasy worlds are where he feels at home. A scriptwriter, and currently writing his first novel whilst being Santa for the LSF, he is not averse to wearing a disguise to bring a smile to people’s faces.

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Twister ghosts of christmas.

Listen to Evil Santa Read Twisted50 Ghosts of Christmas

  Join us at LIVE at 11pm for a very special one off, bedtime ghost story. You can watch here or on the Facebook group at But don’t watch alone… you may not sleep all night and you know you must, or Santa won’t be calling. Then again, maybe you don’t want Santa calling?

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A man with a beard holding up a book.

Rejection and Redemption by Michael van Koetsveld

I have written literally hundreds of short pieces, to a one-day deadline, to a prompt. The prospect of getting a story done in ten days held no horrors for me.  At the beginning of lock down I joined a group of writers who did the daily tasks for 70 days in a row, completing over

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