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Mark Walker

My Story from Twisted50 vol 2: Tunnel
My story from Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas is Isabellaella

Favourite quote: ‘We’ve gone on holiday by mistake’ – Withnail and I

Mark is a married father of two, based in Gloucestershire, with a love of horror. He has always enjoyed reading horror, much to the concerns of those around him, including his mother who expressed concern for his soul when she caught him reading Dennis Wheatley. Horror Films are also a pleasure and he has many memories of watching them surreptitiously when his parents were out (sorry Mum, he knows you didn’t want him watching The Wicker Man as an impressionable young teen but, guess what, you should have deleted the recording, or padlocked the VCR). More recently he has turned his hand to writing horror and achieved his publishing debut in 2019’s Volume 2 of the Twisted 50 horror anthology as well as contributing 5 stories for an anthology published by friend, and fellow author, Emma Pullar.

Mark is London Screenwriting Festival Talent Campus Alumni and Coach, through which he has supported other writers to develop their skills and confidence and become better writers as well as teaching them now to walk over broken glass, pitch while holding a tarantula and walk on fire!

As a responsible parent, Mark likes to encourage his daughters to watch his favourite horror films to varying degrees of success!

When not writing, reading or watching horror, Mark has been known dabble with Astronomy and Astrophotography, the fruits of which can be seen on his website at https://markwalkerscreenwriting.wordpress.com/

If you get the urge, you can follow Mark on Twitter at @MarkWalker_UK or you can stalk him on Facebook at https://tinyurl.com/y66zau7o

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Terror bites by mark walker.

From Twisted to Creepy in 12 months! by Mark Walker

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The light at the end of the tunnel by Mark Walker

“Where do you get your ideas from?” The question all writers get asked at some point in their careers, isn’t it? Well, it’s not a question I have been asked quite yet, but then I haven’t done anything to garner that much interest for someone to ask the question. But I’m going to answer the

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