A woman with brown hair is smiling for the camera.

Louise Barrett // Voice Artist

Featured in the audiobook of Twisted50

I love watching sci-fi and my favourite is Alien.  Although I enjoy a good horror movie, I will always pay the price afterwards as I have a hyperactive imagination and find it hard to turn out the light, look out of a dark window, open a wardrobe, step out of bed ….

I’ve been an actress for over 20 years and have enjoyed my Theatre and Voiceover work the most.I have been the face and voice of the original Black Gold Nescafé Ad campaign, toured with the English Shakespeare Company and internationally with Soho Group, been shot by Jonathan Creek, cackled as Maleficent and the White Witch, ski-ied on stage in Manchester, played Tracy Beaker’s first foster mother (I gave her back!) and dealt drugs in Eastenders.


I love what I do. I have recently recorded ‘It Was You’ By Jo Platt. ‘The Story of Our Life’ by Shari Low and ‘The Spice Box Letters’ by Eve Makis.


In my other life I facilitate literacy and drama workshops, play the piano and squash, listen to the radio and read a lot.  Best compliment came from my son the other day when he was listening to a voiceover of mine and said “mummy, this sounds a bit like you …”.

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