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James Jay (Les Grice)

My Story from Twisted50 vol 2: Murmuration

Favourite quote: ‘Go on, show me how you see the world’ – Maudie

I began to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, in earnest, after a USA friend I met encouraged me to write a blog about the weeks holiday we spent in Sicily and then 5 years ago after a long gap and encouragement from an author, a journalist and an Arvon Course and  attending London Screenwriters Festival and trying to learn the dark art of screenplays and attempt short stories.

I work full time, so it takes some willpower sometimes to put bum on seat and there are more years of confusion than understanding and soaking up what good writing is and isn’t, but one thing becomes clear and that is you must be you. Study books, screenplays, learn the principles and then go your own way and whatever happens, whether success or failure, stay on the bus! This is my first piece of published writing.


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A graveyard with gravestones and graves in the fog.

Writing Murmation and facing my own demons by Les Grice

From where I sat he looked seven foot tall and with his barrel-chest, his slicked-back black- greying hair and moustache, his heavy-framed glasses, ruddy complexion, crisp shirt and grey suit, he looked every inch like an ex-Sgt. Major who had seen more in war than he would ever want to tell a class of thirty

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