A man with a beard and a sweater.

James Cameron Stewart // Voice Artist

Featured in the audiobook of Twisted50

Actually one is of course not all that excessively posh, at least not consistently – one is an actor, after all! However, when one has been rejected by Buckingham Palace for being too posh….well, one is plainly perceived as particularly patrician, and it would seem churlish for a fellow to disregard such an accolade, would it not?

One begins to tire of saying “one” all the time, so, my dear dudes…. please take a tour of the on-line manifestation of a shamelessly diverse oeuvre. Let your predilections be guided by the patented Posh-o-Meter™ as you like check out my vids and audio clips and photos and life story.


Catch up with a chap’s antics with a glimpse at one’s blog; buy an audio book or a copy of A Very Unimportant Officer – my grandfather’s account of his WW1 experiences, on which my show My Grandfather’s Great War (see right) is based; watch a poetry film (Dac the Mac) or, for the more adventurous, learn how to fly a hot-air balloon. Whatever your whim there should be something within to appeal to all but the most tawdry of tastes (clearly not applicable to your good self, dear reader) and the Posh-o-Meter™’s technology is so superlatively superior that mere observation of your PoshnessPreference™ in your peregrinations should speed you straight to a suitable sample.


Tally-ho, Chocks Away and Toodle Pip…..what?


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